Perry Mason Episode 6: Courtroom Commotion

After getting involved in the case, Perry Mason learns shortly that this courtroom is probably not the best place to get the training for the job. This case is not the one that is appropriate to work on as a trainee in the courtroom.

Perry Mason
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As a defense attorney, Perry Mason discovers that the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. He makes this discovery in his first moments as the attorney of defense, fighting for saving the life of Emily Dodson, his wrongfully accused client. His throat seizes initially, and his voice breaks in between, he coughs and stammers and chokes.

Perry Mason Episode 6 | What happened in the courtroom?

He was able to complete the opening statement from his side only when the district attorney gave him a glass of water to make him feel fine. That gesture of Maynard Barney makes him more appealing to the Jury. It also boosts up the confidence of the district attorney in his case against Emily.

In his mind, it was a gesture that will make him look good in the eyes of Jury. The episode is thoroughly focussed on the trial of Emily Dodson for the murder of Charlie, her child. Peery Mason constantly gives the audience surprises and keeps entertaining the courtroom and the audience.

Perry Mason
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The exceptional side of Matthew Rhys was also revealed in the episode, and it was the side that was never seen before. Mason explodes his anger on her client Emily, when she reveals in the court that she took her baby to a motel assignation with her lover, George Gannon. The lover that eventually happens to be the co-kidnapper of Charlie. He lost again when it was revealed that Emily, admitted to the crime when she was behind bars.

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