Perry Mason Episode 7: Solving the Mysterious Death

The HBO series ‘Perry Mason‘ is the third television series starring Matthew Rhys. Earlier a TV series had aired in the year 1957, followed by another series in the year 1973. This time the famed criminal lawyer is shown haunted by his wartime experiences in France. In addition to that, the story portrays Mason suffering the effects of a broken marriage. Here, we are discussing the chapter 7 of the series ‘Perry Mason’.

Perry Mason Episode 7 Recap

Perry Mason’s seventh chapter bears the distinction of being the episode that explains everything. All the bits and pieces of truth realized in earlier 6 episodes are dedicated put together by Perry here.

Perry Mason tries to find the last piece of the puzzle from Jim Hicks. He calls Hicks and Mr. Baggerly on the stand, but due to an unexpected event, the court’s proceedings stop.

Also, Stricklands quits due to a strain with Perry. Lupe becomes the new owner of Perry’s house after the auction. Furthermore, Drake’s investigation about Ennis helps Perry Mason to solve Charlie’s death mystery.

A scene from Perry Mason Source: HBO

Perry Mason Chapter 7: Who killed Charlie Dodson?

This week’s episode of Perry Mason focuses on the stealing and double-crossing going on within the Radiant Assembly of God. We come to know that the church got into massive debt after Hicks and Baggerly testify it in court. As a result of the debt of around $100,000, they doubled down and bought a radio station for Sister Alice. Hick also fudged the numbers at the church following Elder Sydel’s instructions.

All this while, Baggerly stopped investing in the church as they got into such debt. Almost, three weeks later George Gannon kidnaps Charlie Dodson who is Baggerly’s grandchild. He demands a ransom of $100,000. Perry Mason takes a while to decode this mystery.

On the other hand, episode 7 features Perry, Drake, and Strickland still trying to figure out what led this kidnapping to murder. Now comes the most interesting part which reveals the death mystery. There is the detective Ennis, who we know was also involved in the kidnapping somehow. He brought a prostitute form the whorehouse we visit in Perry Mason, along with on the job. It turns out that this woman was a heroin addict. Charlie Dodson nursed from her, which caused his death.


Perry Mason episode 7
Source: The New York Times

Did Sister Alice resurrect Charlie Dodson?

Alice declares in her epileptic meeting with God, that she will make Charlie alive again. This is obviously not possible but we always waited for how things turn out. Alice along with her mother Birdy made their own plans about finding a new baby and supposing it to be Charlie. Alice fails to resurrect Charlie but fails. She opens the casket and Charlie’s not inside. This results in chaos and riot in the graveyard.

Alice and Birdy drive away, straight into the people’s crowd surrounding a baby. Birdy jumps out of the car and asserts that the baby is Charlie (which is false obviously). It seems Birdy stole a baby and hid Charlie’s corpse somewhere to make this plan execute. Likely realizing this, Alice books it, down the street, running away from it all.

Thus, this leaves more suspense for the season finale. Whose baby is it? In court, will the murder of Elder Sydel affect the verdict? Otherwise, his testimony could have helped Perry Mason and his case. Stay tuned and watch the next episode.

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