Perry Mason Season 1 Episode 4: Let’s See If It’s Fun!

What’s it about? The HBO series ‘Perry Mason‘ is the third television series starring Matthew Rhys. Earlier a TV series had aired in the year 1957, followed by another series in the year 1973. This time the famed criminal lawyer is shown haunted by his wartime experiences in France. In addition to that, the story portrays Mason suffering the effects of a broken marriage.

Perry Mason: Details of Episode 4

As more and more episodes are coming out, the story becomes more tragic and interesting. This episode brings back the real character and emotions of ‘Perry Mason’ as a defense lawyer.

Matthew Rhys as Perry Mason
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It is well known that the justice system is flawed. But as the story has moved forward it has only revealed and deepened the existence of a flawed system.

A new, this time accurate autopsy report on George has come out. Perry is focused on the new information he’s learned from Drake. It brings him to learn about the fourth man who is still unknown and was involved in the kidnapping of Charlie Dodson. If you think that this evidence frees Emily Dodson from the charge of her son’s death, you may be wrong. The corruption within the system comes into play now.

John Lithgow’s remarkable performance

John Lithgow as E.B in Perry Mason
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An already struggling E.B.( played by John Lithgow), with some deep internal conflict, is desperate for this innocent woman to be freed. But sadly he can’t even get her out on bail.

Perry’s new evidence gives him new confidence until the district attorney blackmails him. E.B has found himself in a serious dilemma. If he doesn’t do right by Emily, he clearly won’t be able to get peace with himself. On the other hand, if he does, he loses his career.

Barnes gives E.B. three options, but E.B chooses a tragic fourth one. We can see it in his dolorous eyes. This isn’t what he wants to do, but this is “doing his best” as he promises Emily. John Lithgow(E.B.) gives an outstanding and breakthrough performance.
His choice is a turning point in the series and very crucial for Perry’s character as well.

In the episode, Emily is seen as guilty because she had an affair. The phrase “you couldn’t even break a housewife” clearly stands out. Sister Alice and her mother are now “hysterical women” and the divine in power is deeply upsetting. Alice’s proclamation of raising Charlie from the dead is alarming. It is fascinating to me how much compassion we, as an audience, feel for her in the way she’s treated.

The statement makes her lose credibility among many, but the way “men of the church” swoop in to take charge is insulting in the worst of ways. ‘Perry Mason’ is aired on HBO with a new episode releasing every Monday. The next episode will reveal how the story takes its form further.

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