Pete Davidson Says He Hates Hurting Cazzie David Due To Ariana Grande Romance!

Ariana Grande’s former beau, Pete Davidson says, he has “mixed feelings” towards Cazzie David’s book. He also mentions that he “hates” hurting her due to the Ariana Grande romance. Here’s everything we know about Cazzie’s book and Pete’s reaction to it!

Cazzie Davids’s Book: No One Asked for This
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Cazzie David, daughter of Larry David, published a new book titled “No One Asked For This: Essays” on 17th November 2020. She details her various neuroses, existential anxiety, misanthropic musings, and self-doubts. David doesn’t shrink back from her privilege as an affluent white girl and therefore the child of a celebrity; she instead pointedly addresses the very essence of her self-consciousness, with a sober understanding of her shortcomings. As the book progresses, the essays become more personal and raw, giving extensive insight into her life.

Pete And Cazzie’s Relationship:

Pete Davidson & Cazzie David
Source: LA Times

The most interesting topic that made its way to the headlines was Pete and Cazzie’s relationship and how it ended. Pretty much everyone knows about Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s whirlwind romance. The pair got engaged at lightning speed, and it had been an excellent four months of dating, iconic lollipop-licking, until their relationship (and wedding plans) ended in October 2018. According to Cazzie, Pete played her false and moved on with Ari just the day after.

A source claimed that the SNL star was upset to find out about this. His romance with Ariana was never a ploy for breakup revenge and still sees the end of his relationship with David a little “distinctively.” Pete sees the connection he had with Cazzie as something he enjoyed. When Ariana came into the picture, that was such a breath of fresh air for him that he went on that journey wild because “it felt so right,”. He doesn’t want people to feel bad, but with breakups, someone has does get hurt. Pete had to move on even when there were broken hearts. He accepts that Cazzie is saying what she is saying because that is her side of the story.

Pete Davidson
Source: LA Times

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Cazzie narrates that writing about it has caused her a ton of anxiety, especially because she talks so much about hating the attention it brought her. And as hard as the breakup hits,  for Cazzie, she and Pete are actually friends now! She even thanked him in the acknowledgments of her book: “Pete. I love you…Your bravery inspires me and your friendship means the world to me.”


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