Peter Pan Reboot: What Made Fans Feel Disgusted?

Recently, we heard the news there is going to be a reboot of ‘Peter Pan’, one of the greatest characters of all time. Jude Law, who is famous for his roles in Captain Marvel and Sherlock Holmes, is in talks to take on the role of Captain Hook for Disney’s upcoming Peter Pan & Wendy. Many people were happy with the news realizing that the casting will be better. But most of the fans got furious and lashed out on this idea of rebooting J. M. Barrie’s classic story.

Peter Pan

Many characters like Robin Hood and King Arthur are frequently rebooted by Hollywood which has completely ruined their originality. Fans do not want the same to happen to Peter Pan.

Peter Pan Reboot: Cast and Staff

According to reports, David Lowery will be the showrunner of this new version. David is well aware of its position as something precious to Disney fans and as a story that has been told and retold and retold still.

Lowery told EW that he understands the plethora of expectations for a Peter Pan movie because people love it. He said that is he will make the movie, it will be the greatest Peter Pan movie of all time. He is concentrating on every little detail and is not going to give any chance of complaint to all the Peter Pan fans out there.

Jude Law as Captain Hook

David further added that understands the authenticity he has to bring with the movie and he is not going to mess with it. Like the funny scenes of Captain Hook with his pistols and many such details. He continued that the essence to Peter Pan is its originality which he aims to preserve in this Peter Pan reboot. David assures fans that he is going to make it right and all-time best.

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Many people are still not convinced and no one would blame them marking the history of Hollywood when it comes to making a new version of the greatest characters.

In a personal opinion, one should not mess with the classics!

If you are an avid Peter Pan fan just like me, then stay tuned for the latest updates!




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