The English-language debut of director Kornél Mundruczó and written with his wife Kata Wéber, Pieces of a Woman, stunned the fall festival circuit earlier this year, playing at Toronto and Venice.

Starring Shia LaBeouf and Vanessa Kirby as a couple grappling with the unimaginable and with stellar supporting turns from the likes of Sarah Snook and Ellen Burstyn, the drama launches on the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix starting from January 7, 2021.

If you have not watched the first trailer of the movie yet, then you can watch it here.

Martin Scorsese executive-produces this hard-edged and gritty examination of loss centered on a Boston couple reeling after a home birth ends in tragedy, Martha, whose role is played by Kirby, and Sean, whose role is played by LaBeouf.


Pieces of a Woman
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Martha spirals into a messy, yearlong odyssey of grief, often pained discovery while also haunted by memories of what went wrong with the now publicly vilified midwife (Molly Parker), who she must face in court.

Pieces Of A Woman Trailer Out: Know What It’s About

Martha also has to answer to her overbearing mother, whose role is played enormously by Burstyn in another career-topping turn of many. Meanwhile, Sean goes on his journey inward and out of control as the pair try to pick up the pieces, even as they are rarely moving in the same direction.

Kirby confessed to feeling more scared by the possibility of doing a birth that was edited and chopped up because, in a way, you would have to get yourself into different stages of labor while cutting, going for a break, having lunch, or whatever.

In addition to this, Kirby said, aided in their intention to make it as authentic as possible.

Kirby said the team was determined to show the birth in all its glory, in its difficulty, and its pain, and its horror and its majesty.

She added that she knew that she had to understand every minute of what labor was like, eventually shadowing an obstetrician in a labor ward and even watching a full birth during her preparation.

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Pieces of a Woman
Image Source – Rolling Stone

Kirby added to her statement that one of the women she spoke to described their grieving process as the loneliest feeling in the whole world, and you feel so isolated, a feeling that permeates much of Kirby’s work as Martha in the film.

Netflix will be releasing Pieces of a Woman in select theaters on December 30, Wednesday, before the streaming premiere on January 7, Thursday.

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