PlayStation 4 Firmware Update: Know All The Details About It

An official update to the system software for PlayStation 4 systems has been released on August 26, 2020. This update can be used to upgrade your system software to version 7.55. It is recommended that you always keep your Play Station 4 system firmware up to date. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy all the additional and latest features and enhanced security options. Also, updating your play station to the latest Firmware will help in improving the usability. Playstation 4 update download here.

Playstation 4 Firmware Update
Image Source – Sony

Playstation 4 Update File Download

In case you are unable to complete your download, or you are stuck in between the downloading process, you are advised to restart the downloading procedure.

  • Delete the update and start updating again
  • From the PS4 Functions area, select Notifications
  • Highlight the Update file
  • Press Options > Delete
  • Select Settings > System Software Update

If this does not work, then you can download the update from the link given below. Clicking on the link below will start the downloading procedure for the update file of PS4 Firmware. Download the file to a USB drive and follow the guidelines to install the file on PS4.

Download PS4 Update File

Here is a guide on how to install the system update file for PS4 from USB Drive.

Guide to Install PS4 Update from USB

PS4 Reinstallation file | Download Here

Warning! Reinstalling the system software of PS4 will delete all the previous data that is contained in your system storage. This process of reinstalling data is also called factory data reset or hard reset. You can download the PS4 system software reinstallation file from the link given below.

PS4 Reinstallation File Download

Here is a guide on how to reinstall the system software of PS4 from USB Drive. Follow the steps mentioned in the manual carefully.

Guide to Reinstall PS4 System Software from USB Drive

Playstation 4 Firmware Update
Image Source – Sony

Fix and Replace

If you are stuck and are having issues with updating your PS4 Firmware, then you are requested to visit the Fix and Replace Diagnostic Tool. Follow the steps mentioned in the tool to arrange a repair for your update.

Fix and Replace

Software Update Notice

There are some guidelines that we request you to follow to ensure the security and safety of your software.

  • Do not download or install the software update provided on any website online other than the official update file uploaded on Sony Interactive Entertainment.
  • Follow the methods described in the documents to update the Firmware.
  • Installing the update data from any other external source may leave you with cancelling the warranty of the system.
  • Do not ever turn off your system during an update.

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