Plunderer Episode 23: Release Date, Plot and Preview

Plunderer is a Japanese manga show. The series is written by Suu Minazuki. The series has already released 22 episodes on the screen, and the chapter 23 of the show is going to release soon.

Well, fans must be eager to know about the 23rd episode. So, Let’s see all the updates of Plunderer Episode 23.

The story revolves around the journey of Hina. Till now, Doan is torturing and hurting Hina and other inhabitants using his thrilling gravity powers as he discovered that Hina has the original ballot.

Doan heard Hina saying about Licht that he is still alive. As soon as Doan got to know about Licht, he decided to wait for him so that he can kill Licht.

Plunderer Episode 23 release date:

Plunderer Episode 23 is going to release on June 18, 2020, at 1:05 JST. Keeping in view the difference in time across the globe, people outside Japan may be able to watch it a bit late. New episodes of the show generally release on Thursdays.



What happened in episode 22, and what can we expect in Plunderer episode 23??

Episode 22 of the show was released on Thursday, June 11. In that episode, Lynn tries every possible way to wake up Licht, but as he was unconscious. He was not able to come back to his senses; even Lynn kisses him in the hope that he will wake up.

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Each and every inhabitant was sad and told Lynn that he might have gone to the comma. Lynn gave up her hopes and whispers, ‘I Love You’ not knowing that Licht is hearing her and is awake.

Meanwhile, Doan got tired of waiting for Licht and decided to kill Hina and other inhabitants. Also, Licht confesses his love for Hina in the episode, and they kissed. Licht manages to clash with Doan while other people were hiding and treating Lynn.

In episode 23, we can expect Hina to come up with a much better strategy along with Litch and other villagers. And it is exciting to see how they will try to win the fight against the evil Doan.


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