Pose Season 3: Details about the Netflix Release

Since the inception of ‘Pose‘ in the year 2018, fans have raved about it. Two highly popular seasons consisting of nine episodes each has been given by the series till now. This show is the ample proof on the inclusivity and togetherness in the ecosystem of Netflix. The LGBTQ theme of the show is seamlessly merged to the main plot of the series.

POSE Season 3
Image Source – Netflix

The creators of the show have tried their best not to make the show dull or preachy. All those changes are very much welcome changes in the slim genre. The society of America is highly and unnaturally diversified, as many cultural distinctions on the basis of colour and creed exists there, but all of them live there in harmony and peace. This kind of themes are often explored, but ‘Pose’ is slightly different.

This musical journey centres on the life of a character who is travelling across these lines. Although, it is nothing like the creators when they have a chance, shy away from depicting reality issues. This melodrama is a bit too much for some, but then maybe this show is not meant for them, and it will never be.

Pose Season 3 | When it will be released?

The release date of the third season of Pose has not been scheduled officially yet, and it is all due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It has halted multiple productions. This is not just for the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix, but, other major shows in Hollywood have also been affected.

The filming of the third season was halted only a week into the filming of the show, and the production will have to pick up from zero, i.e. it will have to resume from the ground up. The creative vision of the show will still keep entertaining audience. Before all this, the scheduled release was June 2020, and now it has changed. The projection of the release of the show seem to point towards late 2020 or early 2021 in the latest.

POSE Season 3
Image Source – Netflix

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At first glance, you may think that it is just about a bunch of queers who have dedicated their lives to walking runways but let me assure you, that it is much more on that. So many essential issues are touched by the show, which is not being talked about enough by the media in a way that it is not only informative but also extremely entertaining.

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