Possessions: HBO Max Acquires Rights To The Psychological Thriller

Well, you would be glad to know that the psychological thriller series of StudioCanal, Possessions, has been acquired by the WarnerMedia streaming service, HBO Max, as an international original. The series will be made available to stream on the online streaming service providing platform, HBO Max in the month of December as an international original.

The series consists of a total of six episodes, and it stars Nadia Tereszkiewicz, Dominique Valadié, Judith Chemla, Noa Koler, Tzahi Grad Roy Nik, Reda Kateb, Ariane Ascaride, Aloïse Sauvage, and Tchéky Karyo.

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It focuses on a young French expatriate in Israel, Natalie, who is charged with the murder of her husband on their wedding night. Karim, who is a French diplomat, slowly starts falling for Natalie but was unable to figure her out. According to the description of the plot, Karim will be diving deep into Natalie and the mysterious past of her family, as he is obsessed with her case.

Possessions: HBO Max Acquires Rights To The Psychological Thriller

The show has been created by Shachar Magen, who previously created Siren, and it is directed by Thomas Vincent, who is BAFTA-nominated, and the filming of the series is done in Israel in the languages including French, English, and Hebrew. This show is from the production firm Haut et Court TV and is produced by Eilon Ratzkovsky, Keren Misgav Ristvedt, and Osnat Nishi.

The senior VP of global sales and production financing, Beatriz Campos, TV series at the StudioCanal, said that the dramas that they are able to offer to their clients are brimming with quality in their writing, talent, and production. Also, they added that the demand for content in non-English language continues to increase to grow throughout the world.

We were previously told by Benjo that the series weaves several genres, including crime thriller, fantasy, and family drama. It also unfolds in the south of Israel, near the borders where the Arab and Jewish communities live. We would also like to tell you that a subsidiary of the Vivendi-owned Canal Plus Group, Studiocanal is actively developing and distributing the multiple high-end series through its network of the production companies, including Tandem in Germany, the U.K.’s RED Production Company, Spain’s Bambu Producciones, and France’s Studiocanal Original.

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