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Potterheads Disappointed As Commuter Train Blocks View Of Hogwarts Express

Fans of Harry Potter who waited hours to catch a view of the steam-powered train named after Hogwarts Express were left disappointed and unhappy after a commuter train blocked their view.

Fans had gathered at the Drumry station in Clydebank, Scotland, to catch a view of the steam train named Jacobite. It was featured in the Harry Potter films as Hogwarts Express, the train that takes the children to their magical school. However, their view of the train was blocked by ScotRail commuter train.

A video shot at the station by a Twitter user shows the train, which was headed to Edinburgh, entering the platform just as the steam train pulled. It has been viewed over nine lakh times.

There were complaints of people crowding on platforms to see the train despite the Covid-19 pandemic guidelines. It also forced the rail network to tweet a warning to people not to overcrowd at stations.

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