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Power Book II: Ghost | Melanie Liburd Breaks Down Carrie’s Startling Reveal

Professor Carrie Milgram of Power Book II: Ghost spent most of the episode of Sunday carving out a safe space for Tariq to mourn his father who is recently deceased. But it was found out late in the Sunday episode that the space she should have been more concerned with was perhaps the space between Professor Reynolds and herself.

After the co-workers or rather we should say, former lovers’ fight turned into an angry sex in his office, and Carrie told about all of this to a friend. However, it turned out that the friend was the sponsor of her 12-step-program, and that was the time when we learnt that the character of Melanie Liburd is a love and sex addict.

Power Book II
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The executive producer and the showrunner of the show said that she wanted to write about it because she loves writing about addiction, and she also thinks that people do not understand sex addiction. They think that it is just that you want to have sex all the time. She meant that everybody wants to have sex all the time. A lot of the addiction has to do with picking the appropriate partner, and engaging in a risky behaviour, a behaviour, that gives no redundancy here, and no f***s about who it is going to hurt and how much danger you will be putting yourself in.

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Power Book II: Ghost | Melanie Liburd Answers About Carrie.

When asked about how much does she think Carrie knew about Tariq before she even met him, she said that she has known what has been in the press about this dad, James St. Patrick. However, she was unaware of all the dark stuff about him, but Liburd thinks that in the press, it is all his running in the politics and doing good for the organisations and charities. She thinks of Tariq as a kindred spirit because she really had a difficult relationship with her father.

Her father was quite bullish, and he was really so disciplined with her that she after being an overachiever, spent her whole life pleasing him, but to him, anything she did was not good enough. So she meets Tariq, and she wants to help him and fix him.

Power Book II
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She also revealed that they have a very complicated relationship even without the sexual aspect of it.

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