Pretty Series: A Smartphone App Coming Up? Know What’s The 10th Anniversary Present For Us

Hey, Ya fellas! Hope all are fine? So guys congrats its the 10 anniversary of “Pretty Series”. This article talks about Pri Chan, its 10 years, and what gift it holds for us.

10 Years of Pretty Series
(Image: Youtube)

Pretty Series: A Smartphone App?

On Wednesday the official YouTube channel of the anime series Kiratto PriChan streamed a video. The video was played in the remembrance of 10 anniversary of Pretty Series Franchise. Moreover, the end of the video was a teaser of a smartphone app.

A computer-generated concert was organized which had all the major characters in it. As it will portray all characters who have been part of the Pretty Series for the last 10 years.

A Smartphone Tease? (Image: Youtube)

Everything About Pretty Series: Kirato Pri Chan?

It launched a new anime franchise Kirato Pri Chan. As of now, there have been three seasons of the franchise. The first season of the series was aired in April 2018 in Japan. Whereas the second series was aired in April in 2019. And the most recent one being the third season which released on April 5, 2020. However, the release of the show was shifted due to the COVID 19. But the reairing of the series started on July 5. The new episodes were aired after the COVID delay.

The anime aims at the streaming and uploading sites. Moreover, the anime again has themes related to dance, song, friendship, and fashion. This franchise of Pretty Series focuses on the lives of two middle school girls. The name of the girls is Emo Moegi and Mirai Momoyama. Both girls want to be an idol, so they decide to use the Pri Chan system. Pri Chan is a system that celebrities use to air their content. Similar to many others both girls make up their minds to be famous by uploading their original content in order to become the Pri Chan idols.

Pretty Rhythm (Image: Manga)

Pri Chan: The Journey Till Now

Pretty series starts with the Pretty rhythm of syn Sophia: Mini Skirt in arcade game 2010.
This game became very popular as it inspired many Tv-series. Moreover, it inspired many films that were a spin-off of the King of Prism franchise. Four anime, as well as films, were inspired by the second version of the game.

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