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Project Power: Five-Minute Super Power Pills Secret!

Project Power is a new movie released on Netflix that stars Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon Levitt. The plot of the story is about a former soldier teams up with a cop to find the source behind a dangerous pill that provides temporary superpowers. Now it’s a good movie, sure. People doubt the secret of the Super Power Pill on the internet. So let’s discuss what is functioning of that pill—people who have yet to watch the movie check out the trailer.


Project Power: The Pills Secret!

In the past we have had superheroes born with the super abilities or maybe artificial superheroes made by scientific anomalies. This time in Project Power, we are introduced one other kind – Temporary superheroes. That is attributed to the new Power pills that give you this ability. Kinda like “Limitless”

The power pill’s origin is tied into the military experiments that were being conducted to create super soldiers. The experiment went horribly wrong, pushing one of the volunteers, Art (Jamie Foxx), to quit the program. But, it turned out that the experiments (Project Power) had altered his DNA in a way that his power stayed even when the pill wore off. He was able to pass down the drug’s effects to his daughter Tracy and she started exhibiting superpowers as she grew up.

Jamie Fox as “Art” in Project Power
Courtesy: Netflix

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The evil organization Teleois kidnaps her and from her makes a pill that would provide superpower to everyone. They failed in sustaining the power, so now the pill gives you temporary powers. That’s a pretty cool premise the rest of the works around that. It’s fun to watch the unique concept, but the delivery is at best above average. It is good popcorn fun and Jamie FoXx and Joseph Gordon Levitt are great in it. Project Power is streaming on Netflix now 

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