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Project Power: Review: Stream it or Skip it?

‘Project Power’ is an American superhero thriller film. In the current crisis Marvel and DC studios’ major releases like Black Widow, Wonder Woman have been delayed. On the other hand, Netflix released this refreshing superhero movie for its users. Read on to know about the movie plot and its review!

Project Power: Plot

The streets of New Orleans have been pumping up with an unusual and unique drug. This drug when taken gives the user superpowers! However, the kind of superpower it gives is revealed only after you have it. Also, the major catch is that power exists only for five minutes.

These pills have created havoc and chaos in the city due to its increasing market. However, a city cop named Frank struggles to control this outbreak. It seems like Frank is also secretly taking the pill to fight against the supervillains. His source is a teenager named Robin who is gathering money for his mother’s operation. Meanwhile, a mysterious ex-special forces guy named Art is on his own journey against this narcotic, called Project Power.


Project Power: Is it worth the watch?


‘Project Power’ features great action sequences that are basic for any superhero movie. It also features a rap from Robin, one of its lead characters. Jamie Foxx as Art aces his performance followed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Frank. It is an absolute delight to watch them. Dominique Fishback as Robin completes the trio owning her spotlight. Apart from the heroes, villain characters are also worth appreciation for instance Biggie.


Fresh Storyline

‘Project Power’ has a premise as unique as it can get during the usual superhero movie releases. It will keep you entertained through the span of the movie with its contagious energy. The character’s backstories show us their importance and strikes a chord with a great storyline.

Thus, you can definitely stream ‘Project Power’ if you are missing the intriguing superhero stuff and the action sequences. It is available on Netflix.


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