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Project Power Trailer Released: Know What Jamie Foxx Is Upto In Netflix’s Next

The online streaming platform, Netflix has officially released the first thrilling trailer of the new movie by Jamie Foxx. Yes, you guessed it right, the movie name is Project Power. The movie is directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. Henry is well known for his work in Catfish. Project Power is settled in a world where a pill is able to give people a superpower for about five minutes, but it can also kill them if they don’t get any superpower.

Art’s (Jamie Foxx) life has already been affected by that pill, but he is forced to team up with dealer Robin(Dominique Fishback) a teenager, and Frank(Joseph Gordon-Levitt) a determined cop, in order to save his daughter and to stop those who made this pill. Along their way to stop the manufacturing of that pill, they face government forces that want to use the pill as a weapon, and some criminals who want to take advantage of the tablet.

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Project Power
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What is Jamie Foxx up to in Project Power?

It seems like Project Power is going to be the next successful action hit of the online streaming platform, Netflix, after the recent success of Extraction and The Old Guard. Even if the movie tackles serious issues, don’t expect the movie to take itself too seriously.

Project Power
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Schulman told EW that they knew they were not trying to make a darkly serious movie because it doesn’t suit them. The way they will try to get their messages across is with humour and fun. All we want is actors that had that level of humanity, and that can be serious and light.

Henry added that they didn’t want to make a movie that was relentlessly dark or bleak. It should just reflect life, which, sometimes during these scary situations, happiness is to be found there, and they are looking for it.

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