PUBG Ban: PUBG Withdraws Tencent Games Association In India Post Ban

PUBG Mobile Corporation has stated on Tuesday, that the Chinese Giant, Tencent Games, is no longer going to be the publishing partner of the very popular game in India. This step was taken as Tencent Games attempts to allay concerns of New Delhi, which posed a ban on the game along with 117 other apps last week. Before the announcement that was made today, Tencent Games was the responsible publisher to publish and distribute PUBG Mobile Games in India. The corporation has revealed that it is now taking over the publishing rights in India. However, the corporation refused to comment on its relationship with Tencent. Hence there are chances that the PUBG ban may be lifted in India.

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Moving forward with the announcement, the PUBG Corporation will be taking on all the responsibilities of the publishing of game within the country. PUBG corporation said in a statement that the company is exploring ways to provide its own experience of gaming in India in the near future. The company is committed to doing so by sustaining a healthy and localised gameplay environment for the fans of the game.

PUBG Ban | Corporation to withdraw publication rights from Tencent.

The title of one of the most popular mobile games in the country to date, revealed that the situations that have caused the recent bans are being actively monitored. It is committed to engaging with a huge base of passionate players in the country.

The heart of the country, New Delhi, banned a total of 118 Chinese apps in the last week over security and privacy concerns. This was a similar move like the previous ban imposed on approximately five dozen Chinese apps, including Tik Tok in the month of June. However, India has not specifically taken the name of China in any of its ban orders, but the moves are attributed to the geopolitical tensions rising between the two nations.

Image Source – GSM Arena

A spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in India, Ji Rong, said that he was seriously concerned and firmly opposed the move of the Indian government to ban the mobile applications with a Chinese background on an excuse of national security. Rong added that he urges the Indian government to rectify the discriminatory practices that are violating the rules of WTO. He asked to provide an open, fair, and impartial business environment for all the players of the market from various countries, including China.

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