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‘Queer Eye’ is an American Television Series, which was created by David Collins and Michael Williams. The series was initially released on July 15, 2003.

This series is the story of a group of gay; they all are famous for their respective fields, which are Interior Designing, Personal grooming, Fashion Entertaining, Culture. The group is usually known as ‘Fab Five.’

Queer Eye
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There is a good relief for the viewers of the show, Queer Eye. They are comeback with the sixth season soon. In March 2020, the news was circulated that the sixth season will be filmed in a new location, which is not mentioned yet.

Cast Of Queer Eye

  • Tan France as Fashion extraordinaire
  • Booby Berk as Design extraordinaire
  • Antoni Porowski as Food and Wine extraordinaire
  • Jonathan Van Ness as Grooming extraordinaire
  • Karamo Brown as Culture and Lifestyle extraordinaire
Queer Eye
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The last season was filmed in Philadelphia, the city of The United States. According to the rumors, the sixth episode can be shot in Austin, Texas.

On Instagram, there are several pictures of the cast in Texas, along with the renewal news in March 2020. Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation in the world, the production of the sixth season had been down for some time.

Release Date Of Season-6

At the starting of April, Bobby mentioned that they are in Austin for the shooting of season-6, but they have to stop there work because of COVID-19. He added that the filming process had been completed mostly for one episode.

Two seasons have already dropped on Netflix each year, which means that the sixth episode will not be able to resume yet. Season 1 to season 5 of Queer Eye are streamed on Netflix.

Due to the postponed the production of Season-6, it is not clear when the Fab Five will return.

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