Radioactive: Here’s What We Felt About Marie Curie’s Biopic

Radioactive starring Rosamund Pike came out in international film festivals at the end of the last year. In March it was released in the theaters before the COVID Pandemic took it down. Maybe not economically but Radioactive was moderate- Critically acclaimed. Now that is coming on Online streaming platforms lets discuss how good/bad it is.

Radioactive Explained:

Radioactive is the story of the world-renowned scientist and twice Nobel prize winner Marie Curie. The timeline of the story is mainly after when Marie’s Husband dies and how she overcomes the difficulties. Marie Sklodowska a Polish immigrant comes to Paris to find Pierre Curie (played by Sam Riley). Marie starts to work on some groundbreaking research which leads to the discovery of Radium and Polonium. 

Still from “Radioactive”
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With some psychedelic Pink Floyd like animation popping in at times, from an art perspective, the movie was great. But the movie does focus on the plot as well(although at times looks sloppy). Now at the speech at the Nobel Prize awards tries to give us scare about the research but those cutbacks just disconnect us from the story.

After the death of Pierre, Marie remains the amazing drive force. The daughter is also another important character in Radioactive. We see the story follows their relationship and how she also became a scientist and being helpful in the first world war. It gives us a sense of appreciation for the Curie family in general.

The movie’s finale did pay us off in a very good way. The story that followed Marie Curie’s life and the struggles she faced gave us a significant acknowledgment of her. Radioactive makes us connect with Marie Curie in the end. The whole movie as a whole maybe doesn’t go so very well but in parts, it’s a very good experience. The daring film-making is not always good but considering the story, it was a very good attempt. 

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Rosamund Pike – Marie Curie
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“Radioactive” premiered at the Toronto International film festival is releasing on Amazon Prime this year.

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