Ragnarok season 2 will soon be released, what we know till now.

Talk for the Norwegian drama ‘Ragnarok’ is in the air. After the apocalypse, creators don’t seem to end the series.

With Marvel releasing ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, Netflix will go for their own Norwegian Netflix original on the Mighty Thunder God ‘Thor’. Unlikely, Netflix has gone to show Thor as a teenage boy who doesn’t even have an idea he is god. But however, it performed well in their first season. Where it was ranked #5 by What’s on Netflix.


The principal cast of Ragnarok.

The principal cast will return, where David Stakson will play the role of MagneJonas Strand Gravli as LauritsHerman Tommeraas as FjorTheresa Frostad Eggesbo as SaxaEmma Bones as GryHenrite Steenstrup as TuridSynnove Macody Lund as Ran.

Whereas characters like, Vidar (played by Gisli Orn Gardarsson), Giants, and people’s favorite Isolde (played by Ylva Bjorkaas Thedin) are currently unknown.


Season 1 got a destructive ending when Magne and Vidar faced each other. When Giants were having the upper hand and seemed to win the war, Magne called thunder and ended up winning and death of Vidar.

If we theorize, Season 2 will be about taking up remaining Giants and developing divine heritage by Magne. Rumors are Magne’s brother Laurits is Loki and will be a villain in further series.


As Netflix hasn’t announced Ragnarok, it is expected to release in early 2021 earliest. As fan’s growing day by day, SAM’s (the production company) would need more time to produce to keep expectations.

And if the show creators think to expand the story from the first season, the writers will be relived, as to go for the show’s uniqueness with Norwegian mythology.

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