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Ranking The Top 10 Blue-Haired Anime Characters!

Blue hair is often seen as the representation of freedom to express your inner self. Also, to express your hidden desires and characteristics, and to embrace the world around you. Characters with blue hair range from quiet and calm to cold and calculating. However, one thing that Anime does bank on is incredible arcs and establishing character traits.

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of personalities in popular culture who rock a Blue shade in their hair. While we see these celebs each day, below is a list of Ten of our favorite Anime characters with Blue hair:-

1. Rem from Re: Zero:-

Rem is an incredibly important character from “Re: Zero” with a very distinct look. She also has big pastel blue eyes in addition to her blue locks. Also, she is amongst the most loyal followers of Subaru along with her sister Ram. Additionally, She possesses the powers of magic and uses it to great effect.

Re:Zero Season 2: What Happened To Rem? - Animehunch

2. Bulma from Dragon Ball:-

Bulma is one of the most important and recognizable characters who’s on this list. Alongside Goku, she’s the only one who features in both the base show and the multiverse. Dr. Brief has two daughters, and Bulma is the younger one. She has a very specific set of skills, that’s not fighting, but more technological stuff. Mother of Bulla and Trunks has had several appearance changes and one of these is the blue-hair.

The Voice of Bulma in Dragon Ball Super Passes Away - Comic Watch

3. Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan:-

Kamina is the typical supercut anime character who looks like an ordinary superhero. He’s one of the few pride representatives in the anime universe who calls himself “The Mighty Kamina”. His trademark blue spiky hair and red glasses are very typical and flashy. The Simon-Kamina chemistry is a USP for the show and a treat for the viewers.

4. Jellal from Fairy Tail:-

Erza Scarlet’s childhood friend Jellal Fernandez is a pillar in the anime series Fairy Tale. He enjoys himself some sky blue hair that make their way onto his face with his red tattoo. Jellal rocks dark, simple, and loose pants tucked inside his lace-cross boots. In addition to that, there’s a wonderful set of combat skills that he has with him. Meanwhile, a story arc that carried him into forgetting his past is over.

5. Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion:-

Neon Genesis Evangelion’s Rei is a character that you might not expect blue hair on. However, the color isn’t as spunky or bubbling as the others, it’s much more faded shade of blue. This reflects Rei Ayanami’s personality as a calm and stoic character with very tone-down demenour. Her blue-hairs famous appearance remains her trademark from her three reincarnation characters.

Rei from #NeonGenesisEvangelion | Neon genesis evangelion, Neon evangelion,  Evangelion

6. Sinon from Sword Art Online:-

Sinon, or Asada Shino is an extremely important character from Sword Art Online. While she is known as the great virtual reality gamer, her appearance is also very polarising. Her character wears a combat heavy attire with a class tinge of short blue hair on her head. Shino uses her character in the game to get over her fear with guns due to her past experiences. Also, in Project Alicization, she again rocks her blue hairs and blue eyes with white and dark blue apparel.

Pin by Diechik on Sword Art Online | Sword art online wallpaper, Sword art,  Sword art online

7. Nagisa Shiota from Assassination Classroom:-

Assassination Classroom revolves around the narration and the guidance of Nagisa Shiota. He’s an interesting character portraying a student from Kunugigaoka Junior High School. The pigtail of his blue locks stay behind her shoulder on an “advice” from his mother. An extremely feminine character, Nagisa, portrays a very different kind of personality in the anime universe.

TRAP Nagisa Shiota - Ansatsu Kyoushitsu - YouTube

8. Suzuno Kamazuki from Devil Is A Part-Timer:-

The characters from the list have mostly had extremely light blue tint in their hair. However, Suzuno rocks an extremely dark shade of blue with multiple different hairstyles. She often wears a red flower on her hair, which is a only a facade hiding a weapon. While we see her as a simple lady, we also get a look at a very multi-dimentional mind. Additionally, her love for the outdated Japanese way of life very organic and precious.

Review – Hataraku Maou-sama! | Mahou Tofu

9. Black Star from Soul Eater:-

Black Star is a very formidable and fierce character in the world of Soul Eater. As the last surviving member of the Star Clan, he carries the responsibility of a long lineage. While some are put off by his arrogant ways, some feel his lust for power is what makes him relevant and strong. Meanwhile, his appearance is not very flashy to convey his serious presence on the show. The Blue hair pops at you in contrast to an extremely dark and grim personality.

Black Star's Entrance- Soul Eater Not! - YouTube

10. Gintoki Sakata from Gintama:-

Gintama is an ever-loved comedy-adventure anime from Japan. However, the reason why they get a mention in this list is the character of Gintoki Sakata. Its obvious that some people seem to believe that his hair isn’t blue at all, but that’s not true. What may look like a silver spiky locks are in fact blue which becomes apparent as the show goes on. While he looks all cool and fun, he is an extremely skillful samurai.

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