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Ready Player Two Is In Early Development! When To Expect It

A movie adaptation of Ready Player Two is in early development, according to author Ernest Cline. His original nostalgia-fueled novel released in 2011. And it caught the attention of Steven Spielberg not too long-drawn after. Spielberg All set his positions on directing a big-screen adaptation of Ready Player One. Also, and it definitely hit theaters in 2018. The movie received only enough positive reviews. Also, but it became a modest box office success for Warner Bros, earning over $580 million worldwide.

The popularity of Ready Player One came while Cline was in the middle of writing the sequel novel, Ready Player, which announced in 2015. This made the feasibility of a movie adaptation of the next installment quite likely. Ready Player has now published. So, and as users start to dive into the next chapter of Wade Watts’ story. And how many are already wondering what the future could hold for a movie?

What is the update for Release: Ready Player Two

Cline is currently doing press for the release of Ready Player Two. Also, which means discussing the book’s status, matching the inspiration for a sequel movie. During a transcript with Inverse, Cline proved that development is underway on the sequel. It is in the beginning steps right now. SO, and has yet announced by the studio. But Cline shows to believe that most of the original team. And also, I will return after having a good experience making Ready Player One

Even though WB has yet to officially announce a movie, Cline would be in the know if an adaptation of his novel is coming.

Here’s his full quote:

It’s in the initial stages right now. And mainly since Hollywood is in limbo right now. But I can tell from the practice of making the first movie that everybody had a bunch of fun.

What is the plot For the sequel?

The plot of the movie picks up soon after the events of the first book/movie. Wade studies of a new secret device from OASIS creator James Halliday. The Oasis Neural Interface allows users to experience the OASIS. Also, with all five senses. And show their real-life experiences. ONI’s reputation leads to a new riddle planted in the OASIS by Halliday to appear. So, sending Wade on a quest to reach the Seven Shards of the Siren’s Soul.




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