Rebecca Ending Explained: The Legacy Of Daphne du Maurier

One of the most influential works in English literature, Daphne du Maurier’s 1938 novel ‘Rebecca,’ has been tailored for the display many times, such as famously through Alfred Hitchcock in 1940, which received an Oscar for Best Picture. Ben Wheatley’s 2020 Netflix rendition continues genuine to Maurier’s imaginative and prescient whilst exploring the story with specific guidelines of 21st-century modernity. ‘Rebecca’ is now not a romantic film, nor is it a horror movie — even though it has features of both. Instead, it is a psychological thriller that delves deep into the pathological envy and worry of a rival who seems to be higher in every single way.


Rebecca Plot Synopsis

The movie starts with the famous opening line from the novel. “Last night time I dreamt I went to Manderley again,” says Lily James’ unnamed British woman protagonist. She serves as a paid partner to an older American socialite visiting throughout the world. In Monte Carlo, the 20-something female meets good-looking widower Maxim “Max” de Winter (Armie Hammer). A whirlwind romance ensues. When it appears that they are going to section approaches for appropriate as the socialite has determined to pass to New York, Max proposes to her – “I’m asking you to marry me, you little fool.”

Following a rapid ceremony and a honeymoon, he takes her to his ancestral domestic in Cornwall, a sprawling property acknowledged as Manderley. The family is run using Mrs Danvers (Kristin Scott Thomas), who first got here to Manderley with Max’s late wife, Rebecca. The 2nd Mrs. de Winter’s Cinderella-like story shortly begins disintegrating as she realizes the considerable shadow that the lifeless lady casts on each and every factor of existence in Manderley. Max’s whole refusal to discuss Rebecca leads her to trust that he is already regretting his marriage to a girl as undeniable and easy as her.

Her fears are fueled via Mrs Danvers, who by no means misses a chance to let the protagonist comprehend that she will in no way measure up to Rebecca. Because of her unparalleled beauty, intelligence, and obvious kindness, Rebecca appears to have been idolized by using nearly all the humans that knew her. The protagonist feels that she is battling a dropping battle, no longer solely over affirming her authority over the manor but additionally for her husband’s affection.

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Rebecca Ending Explained

As the movie progresses, the protagonist’s worry and trepidation seriously change into a annoying obsession about the manor’s preceding lady, mirroring the comparable however greater intimate feelings of Mrs. Danvers for Rebecca. She convinces Max to let her maintain the annual costume ball, which Rebecca geared up in the past. She thinks she can win over the staff, friends, family, and even Max, by way of demonstrating that she is gratifying her responsibilities as a partner of a nobleman.

However, on the day of the ball, Mrs. Danvers hints her via her maid to put on a costume that Rebecca wore earlier than her death. When she makes her appearance at the ball, there is pin-drop silence, and Max is searching at her with horror and disgust. She rapidly realizes that she someway made but any other mistake and leaves. Later, Mrs. Danvers traps her between herself and an open window and nearly manages to persuade her to jump.

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Secrets Never Stay Hidden

When Rebecca died, Max recognized a decomposing useless girl as her, and that was once that. However, after a violent storm, her boat resurfaces with her stays on board. Max is apprehended by way of the police. He in the end opens up about his relationship with Rebecca to the protagonist. He exhibits that even though Rebecca had all the appearances of an best wife, she was once a cruel, vindictive, and hateful girl who made his lifestyles miserable. She had more than one affairs, inclusive of one with her cousin Jack Favell (Sam Riley), and flaunted them in the front of him.

Rebecca knew that he ought to in no way divorce her due to the fact of his family’s role in society. She additionally advised him that she used to be pregnant with any other man’s baby and threatened to increase the infant as if it have been Max’s, understanding that he couldn’t do something about it. Ultimately, all the taunting and humiliation culminated into that second of profound shame, and Max shot her. He then put the physique on her boat and prompted it to sink. This is a captivating scene. Instead of focusing on the reality that her husband has simply confessed to murdering his pregnant first wife, the protagonist is relieved that she was once incorrect all along.

All his moves related to Rebecca up till that factor have been pushed no longer via love however hatred. There is all of sudden a excellent trade in her. From a painfully shy and naive younger woman, she will become assured and self-assured. When Favell returns to Manderley to threaten Max with a observe that interestingly proves that Rebecca wasn’t planning to kill herself, she shortly deduces that he wishes cash for his silence. But as it later turns out, it is a ploy orchestrated by using Favell and Mrs. Danvers to lure Max. In that, they are successful, and Max is taken into police custody.

The protagonist discovers that Rebecca was once seeing a medical doctor in London. She presumes that it used to be for her pregnancy. She travels to London and manages to get into the doctor’s workplace proper earlier than the police arrive there. She finds Rebecca’s file, and after studying its content, she lets the police officer locate her. It turns out that Rebecca had most cancers and had solely a few months to live. She announces that Rebecca dedicated suicide to keep away from a lingering death. When the physician asks the manner of her death, she appears straight at the police officer and says that it was once drowning.

Dreams Turn to Ash

There is some fact in her assertion. After all, as Mrs. Danvers as soon as remarked, the largest concern Rebecca had was once of demise a gradual and painful death. Rebecca knew that if she pushed Max enough, he would kill her. Max is freed, but as he and the protagonist are returning home, they spot a far away brightness. Max realizes that that Manderley is on fire. When they eventually get there, the whole residence is blazing. The protagonist finds Mrs. Danvers standing on the cliff.

In her remaining sinister act in opposition to the couple, Mrs. Danvers takes away their home. If her liked mistress can’t have Manderley, then no one can. Before leaping to her death, she ominously says that the protagonist will in no way locate happiness, to which the 2d Mrs. de Winter resolutely answers, “Yes, I will.” The movie ends with the couple in a second-class lodge in Cairo. According to the protagonist, they will be touring till they locate a home.


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 If the protagonist’s obsession with Rebecca stems from her jealousy and insecurity, that of Mars. Danvers comes from her love for her lifeless mistress and sexual desire. Whether it used to be ever reciprocated or not, we will by no means know, however it is in reality implied in the e book that Rebecca had been with each guys and women. Mrs. Danvers has acknowledged her for the reason that they each have been pretty younger and is inarguably the most unapologetic defender of her actions. The very thought that any individual would come and take the region that used to be formerly occupied by way of Rebecca is certainly unfathomable to her. So, when Max returns to Manderley with his new bride, she focuses all her vileness and cruelty in the direction of the poor, younger woman.
After it is located that Max murdered Rebecca, she loses the final bits of manipulate over her sanity. Now, he too is subjected to her fury. His eventual launch from the police custody convinces her that she has to get justice for Rebecca on her own, and the solely element to do, she decides, is to burn down Manderley. Her desire of a watery grave is additionally a demonstration of her faithfulness to her mistress. She hopes to reunite with her in the realm beyond death.

The movie ends with the couple in a second-class resort in Cairo. According to the protagonist, they will be visiting till they locate a actual home. What transpired at Manderley has really left imprints on each of them. The protagonist nevertheless has nightmares in which she sees each Rebecca and Mrs Danvers, and Max has misplaced his ancestral home. But they nonetheless have every other, and that matters. “And I recognize that I have made the proper decision… to shop the one element well worth on foot thru flames for. Love.” In its personal way, this announcement is radically unapologetic as well. Both of them have misplaced much, and there is a enormous opportunity (like in the book) that they will spend the relaxation of their lives as vagabonds, by no means truely discovering that “real home”. Despite all that, they utterly have a good time this present day second of togetherness, hoping that the following day will be simply as vibrant and full of possibilities.

Is Rebecca Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Rebecca’ is no longer based totally on a authentic story. The movie is the 2020 Netflix adaptation of the 1938 novel of the equal identify via Dame Daphne du Maurier. Widely viewed as one of the best novels of all time, ‘Rebecca’ is a best composition of a couple of genres, from gothic horror to psychological thriller, to romance drama. According to du Maurier’s very own description, the plot of the e book is “a sinister story about a lady who marries a widower… Psychological and alternatively macabre.”


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 Jane Goldman, Joe Shrapnel, Anna Waterhouse wrote the screenplay based totally on du Maurier’s novel. ‘Rebecca’ has been tailored for the display screen a couple of instances before, most particularly through Alfred Hitchcock in 1940. Starring Joan Fontaine as the 2d Mrs. de Winter, Laurence Olivier as Maxim, and Judith Anderson as Mrs. Danvers, the film gained the Best Picture Oscar that year.

Rebecca is now streaming on Netflix with a taking of 6/10 on IMDb, 46% on Metacritic and  44% on Rotten Tomatoes. Its a Mystery/Romance and is surely a one time watch. 

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