Red Dead Redemption 3: Why is it a bad idea?

Although it has been only two years since Red Dead Redemption 2’s release, there are already talks about a third installment. But, there is also a suggestion for the Rockstar Games that they should maybe think before making any decision. The point is, after making such good movies in the past, if the third one does not do justice to the franchise, it can destroy the reputation of the entire franchise.

As per reports, Red Dead Redemption 2 released in 2018 after an eight-year gap between the sequel and its prequel. In the first one, we explored, John Marston’s adventures as he tracked down and killed his former Van Der Linde gang associates. Following that, in the second game, we saw the trials of Arthur Morgan, John, and the rest of the gang even before the events of the first title.

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Red Dead Redemption became the most successful franchise after the Grand Theft Auto games, for Rockstar. This is because of it’s impressive graphics and also exciting gameplay. Looking at the success of the franchise, it is easy to decide that it should be renewed for a trilogy, if not more. But, here are some of the reasons because of which the makers should reconsider the decision.

Why making Red Dead Redemption to a Trilogy is a bad idea?

After what we saw Rockstar do with the GTA franchise, it is predictable to believe that they will be able to do the same with the RDR franchise. But, there is also a theory that if you keep using the same trick every time, it becomes predictable and boring. Even if the makers manage to build a new game, there is no guarantee that it will keep up to the expectations that it’s prequels had.

This is because the time gap between the first and the second film was about a decade. If the third game does not have that amount of time or, rather, more, there will be more chances of creating something that will degrade the image of the entire franchise.

These days, Rockstar tends to take its time when releasing games. But, some other franchises, such as The Assassin’s Creed, are ready to compromise on their quality for getting the film available on time. This, however, helps them to gain profit and popularity at the moment.

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What is the biggest reason it should not be made?

Probably, the biggest reason why Rockstar should say no to a Red Dead Redemption 3 is that there is not much left to tell with the story. Also, the last game was a prequel to the first game, and now if they make a prequel to the second game, it will be repetitive and boring. Also, all the main characters of the game have already been killed, be it Arthur, Dutch, John or Bill. His entire gang does not exist anymore, but if the makers try to make a new gang, it will not be a part of this franchise then.

So, it is rightly said that making a Red Dead Redemption 3 is a gamble, if not made right.

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