Red Riding Hood: Is Peter The Werewolf?

Similar to the European folk tale, Red Riding Hood is about Valerie living in the village of Daggerhorn. She lives with her parents, Cesaire and Suzette, and her older sister, Lucie. Valerie is in love with her childhood friend Peter, but her parents arrange a marriage with Henry, blacksmith Adrien Lazar’s son.

A love triangle forms between Valerie, Peter, and Henry. Soon when the duo, Valerie and Peter, decide to flee, a human-eating werewolf attacks the village. His first target was Lucie. As the number started to rise, she decides to reveal the identity of the beast.

Red Riding Hood is film with a mix of Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and the folk tale itself. Rather than revealing the werewolf directly, the film creates the suspense until the very end. To find out the truth about the werewolf’s whereabouts, continue reading this post. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Was The Werewolf In Red Riding Hood?

Initially, Valerie suspects her grandmother to be the werewolf as she lives in a secluded place in the forests. As she lived in an area away from the rest of the villagers, she could easily move without being noticed.

Whenever the werewolf appeared, she was never in the frame. This made Valerie more suspicious about her grandmother.

Later she comes to know that she could easily communicate with the werewolf. The werewolf also asked Valerie to stay on his side and join her. This reveals a special bond between the two.

She thinks that she knows him and they’re very close to each other. Her next suspect becomes both Peter and Henry as they both love her.

Red Riding Hood’s ending reveals that Valerie’s father, Cesaire, is the werewolf.

But at the end of Red Riding Hood, we get a shocking reveal; Valerie’s father, Cesaire is the werewolf. This is shocking because it means that Cesaire killed Lucie and others too. Previously in the film, Suzette confesses to Valerie that Lucie is not Cesaire’s child.

She was Suzette and Adrien’s child.  That’s the reason why he was not able to communicate with Lucie. Also, Cesaire’s drinking habit was not because of his grief after his daughter’s death, and instead, it was a way to control his anger and rage.

At the end, the werewolf, Cesaire, was killed by Valerie and Peter. They submerged the werewolf’s corpse in the lake so that the villagers couldn’t identify its real identity.

Valerie and Peter kill the werewolf, but the werewolf bit Peter.

What Happened With Peter And Valerie?

While the duo was trying to kill the werewolf, he bit Peter and threw him away, but was killed in the end. Earlier it was told by Father Solomon that during the blood moon, anyone bitten by the wolf would become a wolf too. This means that Peter will eventually become a werewolf.

At the end of Red Riding Hood, Peter promises Valerie that he would come back after he learns to control his new powers. Now both have wolf powers, so, they can easily communicate with each other. Valerie also decides to stay in her grandmother’s home.

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