Red Riding Hood Ending Explained

‘Red Riding Hood’ is a fantasy thriller, sparsely based on a folk tale “Little Red  Riding Hood”. The story revolves around the female lead, named Valerie who lives with her family in a village traumatized by a wolf who later happens to actually be a Werewolf! The summary and ending have been discussed below. SPOILERS AHEAD!

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Red Riding Hood The Movie Plot

Valerie, a beautiful girl madly in love with her childhood friend Peter, a woodcutter by profession lives in the village with her family. However, her parents, Cesaire and Suzette wish Valerie to get hitched to Henry, son of a wealthy blacksmith Adrien. Valerie decides to elope with Peter but in vain as her sister, Lucie gets killed by the wolf that very night. The twists and turns give the story a thrilling mood, read till the end to find who the werewolf actually is.

Some secrets revealed about Red Riding Hood

The number of killings increases drastically in the village as a result of which all the men plan to kill the wolf. During the encounter with the wolf, Adrien gets killed. Valerie sees her mother mourning his death and discovers that they had a relationship in the past and her sister Lucie is only her half-sister! She is the daughter of Adrien and her mother, Lucie.

Later on, the news comes that the village men had killed a normal wolf, and the original wolf is, in fact, a werewolf- a human when cursed takes a wolf form on the full moon. Anyone who gets bitten by the wolf during that period also gets the curse and becomes a werewolf. Eventually, the speculations begin and everybody begins to ponder as to who the terrible hunter is.

The Ultimate Revelation, Red Riding Hood Ending explained

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During Valerie’s encounter with the wolf, she comes to a surprising revelation. She understands its language and thus she could be biologically related to the wolf. On top of that, she has a dream one night about her grandmother being the wolf. Without giving it a second thought, she rushes to her.

In the way, she meets Peter and sees his hand covered with a glove. Assuming him to be the wolf(as the wolf’s paw got burnt the night before), she attacks him with a knife. When Valerie reaches to her grandma’s house, to her utter shock she finds her to be dead. She is stupefied and shocked to the core when she faces the truth that the werewolf is her father, Cesaire.

Cesaire admits that the curse was passed on to him by his father. All the past killings and huntings start making sense to Valerie. Cesaire killed Lucie when he tried to pass on the curse to her but couldn’t as she wasn’t his real daughter.

Cesaire also killed Adrien because he came to know that Lucie was Adrien and his wife’s daughter. He then tried to pass on the curse to Valerie but Peter comes at the crucial moment to rescue her. The wolf bites Peter but both of them manage to kill the werewolf and get rid of his body.

The ultimate plot twist comes when Peter acknowledges that he has got bitten by the wolf and hence will leave the village until he learns to control his dangerous curse. They make love the night before Peter leaves and Valerie promises to wait for his return. Following the events, the villagers continue to live with fear.

Valerie left her old house and moved into her grandmother’s house. After many years, Peter returns and finds out that Valerie has given birth to their son and they continue to live together happily. In my opinion, Red Riding Hood delivers a happy ending where Valerie’s childhood romance finally achieves its desired fate.

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