Reddit User Claims Among Us Major Hack, Lets Crewmates Vent Just Like An Impostor

A new hack in Among Us game lets crewmates use vents just like Impostors do, and a Reddit user recently captured video evidence of such a dastardly act. Hacking abounds in Among Us as the crewmates have found a way to fake being an Impostor by entering the vents.

This is not the very first time hacking has been a problem in the murder mystery title. redditPrevious instances had the Impostors taking advantage of an instant cooldown of their ability to kill the crewmates.

The problem has persisted for a while, and at one point prompting the developer of the game to bring down the ban hammer and ask the perpetrators to please stop.

Among Us
Image Source – Tech Radar

Various hacks that the cheaters have been using since Among Us had a sudden rise in popularity earlier this year, such as seeing an Impostor, killing at long range, and running faster.

Other cheaters have been finding different ways to cheat without using in-game hacks, like using voice communication services such as Discord, where the victim of an Impostor in the game, tells other people in the voice chat about who killed them, thereby ruining the entire deception game.

There are some ways of figuring out who is perpetuating the voice comms exploit, but that has not prevented the occurrence.

Reddit User Claims Among Us Major Hack, Lets Crewmates Vent Just Like An Impostor

Continuing the infamous hacking trend, Reddit user Big_Nate_on_juice posted a video recently, displaying their experience with an Among Us hacker.

The video shows the poster running around in the game as the Impostor, pretending to be just another member of the crew when a crewmate drops into a vent in the Security room, something that only Impostors were supposed to be able to do.

The Impostor then stops dead in their tracks, a bit confused, and the team calls an emergency meeting after a dead body is found. Players interested in the phenomenon can now have a look at the video below.

So… I found a hacker from AmongUs

Among Us is an indie title that pits one player against the rest and allows fans to use their reasoning skills to quickly figure out who the Impostor is.

It is an interesting take on being a cartoonish detective and comes with the risk of being accused of something one did not commit.

Among Us
Image Source – Tech Radar

Innocent players are then stuck between a hard place and a rock, wondering if trying to defend themselves makes them look even more guilty or saying nothing is the real catalyst for being shot into space.

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