Reincarnation of Goku: Dragon Ball Theory Explained

Wassup Fellas! Hope everyone is safe and sound. Today we will be discussing an interesting fan theory regarding Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball is one of the most famous anime, everyone would have heard about the same if not watched. The fan theory to be discussed is, Is Goten reincarnation of Goku? Goku has two sons one being Gohan, who is born in the gap of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. The other one is Goten who was born after the Cell Games saga. However, Goku wasn’t around when Goten was born as he saved the Earth by teleporting Cell to King Kai’s planet and letting him burst along with Cell. Nine months after this incident Goten was born.

What? Am I Dad’s Reincarnation (Image: Newsedgepoint)

Goku and Goten’s First Meet

It seems like Goten was conceived during the gap after Goku and Gohan’s training in the hyperbolic time chamber and Cell games. Goten is suspected to be the reincarnation of Goku. However, Goten had to spend the initial years of his life without his father, hearing about his heroics from Gohan. Goten first met Goku after seven years of cell games when Baba brings Goku back to the Earth for just a day. However, it was not to meet his son but to participate in the World Martial Arts Tournament, typical Goku.

Awakening in Heaven ( Image: Screen Rant)

Dragon Ball Fan Theory Reincarnation of Goku

It is quite an interesting theory regarding Goten and Goku that Goten is the reincarnation of Goku. There are various things that support this theory. One of them is the timing of his birth. Goten was born just nine months after Goku’s death. It seems like Chi-Chi helped out Goku before the big day against Cell. However, Goten came into existence as soon as Goku died.
Also, the rebirth process of Dragon Ball is very evident. As Goku’s wish of reincarnating Buu as Uub was heard by King Yemma similarly may have been Goten’s case.

Goten Similar to Goku!

Another fact that supports the theory of Goten being the reincarnation of Goku is their looks. It is very noticeable that both Goku and Goten look alike which is also mentioned by Goku himself. Goku, who can’t differentiate between a boy and a girl, however, commented, “there is a little me behind you Chi-Chi.” Goten and Goku are very similar in terms of nature, i.e. sweet, strong, notorious, foolish, and brave. You will agree that everyone used to fool Goku be it his friend or foes. Similar is the case of Goten who is always fooled by his best friend Trunks. The only difference in them is the pure Saiyan arrogance that Goku initially had.

One More Monster (Image: Youtube)

Did Chi-Chi know Goten is the reincarnation of Goku?

If you see the series you will agree, after Goku’s death, Chi-Chi trained Goten. However, she was always against Gohan’s training and getting into Martial Arts. Instead, she trained Goten so well that he turned into a Super Saiyan. Either she thought of him as his husband’s reincarnation or Goku’s death changed her beliefs. However, Goten’s name is itself very fascinating as it means, “awakening to heaven”. There could be a connection between Goku’s death and Goten’s birth.

Anyway, there can be hundreds of speculations or theories which were unintentional. The creator of Dragon Ball Z, Akira Toriyama didn’t intend to depict this theory as there no mention of it anywhere.
Currently, everyone’s waiting for the sequel of Dragon Ball Super season 1.

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