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Relic (2020): Is Kay’s fate Same As Her Mother, Edna?

Every person living on this planet loves their parents no matter what happens. No matter how much we fight with them, they can never stay angry with us for long. But when they grow old, people start to feel their parents as a burden and then abandon them. Relic is a film that tells us the importance of family and the isolation that accompanies life & death. This film gives a profound message about the loneliness at old age with the help of possession by a demon.

Relic is not as complicated as it seems to be. Here we have revealed the message of the film hidden behind the demonic possession in it. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Plot Summary of Relic

After being informed about the disappearance of her mother, Edna, Kay travels to her house along with her daughter, Sam. Edna’s neighbors told Kay that they’d not seen her for a while. When Kay reached her home in the woods, she finds the house empty, and many parts of the house were covered in mould.

As the story progresses, we get to know that Edna has dementia. They both start a search for Edna with the police. Kay begins to have nightmares about a man’s rotting body with mould the same as in the cabin. One day, Edna appeared in the kitchen, and when asked about her whereabouts, she’s aloof. She also has a black bruise on her chest. Things start to get worse when the bruise increases, and they discover a labyrinth in a walk-in closet. They later realise that a demon possesses Edna, and she’ll be having the same fate as Kay’s great-grandfather. The entity possessing Edna, used dementia as its shield and

In the end scene, Edna died, and Sam noticed the same bruise on her mother’s back. She realised that Kay would also have the same fate as her great-grandfather and her mother, Edna.

Edna’s dementia slowly grew along with her strange behaviour.

What Does the End Mean?

As Sam discovered the labyrinth inside the closet, she got lost in it. She also finds some notes of Edna, which hints that Edna was lost in this labyrinth for days. Meanwhile, Kay finds Edna stabbing her bruise and later running into the labyrinth. Kay, when she enters the maze, Edna slowly sheds her skin and reveals a black entity beneath her. Here, we come to know that Edna’s dementia is the possession. Horrified Kay later reunites with Sam and manages to escape the labyrinth.

As Kay and Sam were leaving, Kay realises that her great-grandfather also died because of dementia and loneliness. She didn’t want her mother to have the same fate. So she enters the house to save her. Later we see that Kay peels off Edna’s skin to reveal the weakened-demonic creature. Kay cuddles with the creature. This shows that at the end of our lives, how vulnerable and lonely someone gets, we need to accept it.

How Edna met the same fate as Kay’s great-grandfather?

Kay’s great-grandfather died in a cabin in the woods. He died because of dementia and loneliness. His body rot for several days/weeks before anyone found him. His cabin had the moulds that were also on his body. When Edna’s house was built, a window having that mould from that cabin was used in the house. This indicates that the demon was in the house itself, and it slowly ate Edna.

This film gives the message that no matter how vulnerable our loved ones get, we must still love them at their highs and lows.

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