Relic: Here’s What The Ending Means

“Relic” by Natalie James may seem like just another horror movie but it’s not. After movies like Hereditary changing the horror genre game, Relic seems like a worthy addition. Director Natalie James even admitted changing the ending of Relic after watching Hereditary. The End of the movie did put many in a dilemma as to what had happened. Here’s a brief and spoiler-filled explanation to that. Just so for the record, you have been warned.

Relic what does the ending means?

In the movie, mother, and daughter – Kay and Sam drive over to Melbourne to Kay’s mother’s house. Edna the Grandmother in the movie is missing in the beginning, the reason for the visit. Well! It appears she just came back as suddenly as she was gone. The Movie deals with the disease of dementia in a very different way. Debut director James did take a lot of stuff from her own life to portray the story.  

As the story moves forward and “Relic” gets darker, we see the old house Edna experiencing general spooky stuff happens. Mostly the weird stuff happening was noticed by both the mother-daughter duo but Sam seems to side with her grandmother against her skeptical mother.  

Other characters like Mortimer which helps to make Kay and Sam understand Edna’s situation in Dementia is much more violent than expected. With Dementia as it’s underlying horror tone in “Relic”, the story moves forwards with Edna being more peculiar and peculiar. The story follows both the Mother-Daughter duo and their relations as they take turns which in-turn drives away from the promised horror. But the ending is what tried to justify the means. 

So, in the end,

It was like the house being linked to grandma. With the part where mum and daughter get lost in the house representing grandmas lost memories. At one point she even says since her husband passed away the house feels bigger, a feeling of emptiness. Also, the point they escaped through the walls was exactly the point with the vase/grandfather’s urn standing on the shelf.

She, like the title, now became a Relic of past and the daughter Kay could see so.

Peeling of here skin, in the end, stood for freeing here of the illness so that she could find peace. And the fact that the daughter is one of one did that makes it look like she comes to terms with the end of her.

Relic tried to give out a message in terms of its horror. Even though there wasn’t much horror left in the movie till the end it succeeds in giving us a brief idea of how Dementia affects files. For her debut as a director, the movie was a bold choice has received fairly good reviews so, in the end, it works out! Sadly not for Edna though (sorry).  

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