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Remember Me: Unexpected Ending For A Love Story

‘Remember Me’ is a romantic drama American movie released in 2010. It is directed by Allen Coulter and stars Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin as the lead characters. Read on to know the movie plot and its strange ending!

Remember Me: Plot

The movie largely focuses on the male character Tyler and his relationship with his family members. His father is a workaholic businessman who hardly shows sentiments for him. Tyler has a younger sister Caroline whom he loves dearly. Tyler’s elder brother Michael died by suicide which has left a void in his heart and mind. Thus, indulging him in ill habits such as smoking and drinking.

How does he meet Ally?

Tyler and Ally in Remember Me
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One day Tyler gets in an altercation with cops during a fight in the club. Aidan, who is his roommate suggests him to date Ally, the policeman’s daughter. Tyler should date her and dump her in order to get revenge. However, Tyler falls in love with Ally.

Remember Me: The Unexpected Ending

As the movie proceeds, Tyler realizes that deep down his father really cares for her daughter Caroline. His father is not as cold-hearted as he pretends to be with him and his sister. The ending scene of ‘Remember Me’ leaves the audience in shock. Its the most interesting twist the story can ever hold. Tyler visits his father in his office which is on the 101st floor of the World Trade Center.

rEMSource: YoutubeWe don’t see Tyler again, but we see his family and friends, and every New Yorker witnessing the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. We then hear Tyler’s audio saying he forgives his brother for suicide. Tyler’s tragic death leaves Ally and all his family members in immense pain and shock. However, the ending scenes in ‘Remember Me’ show that everyone has accepted the fate and moved on.

For instance, his father reconnects with his sister. Aidan has a tattoo of Tyler’s name on his arm. Ally decides to visit the subway station she would never go since the time her mother was murdered there. Thus, ‘Remember Me’ has an unusual end to a romantic drama. It shows how family relations reconnect but fate turns out the tables sometimes.

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