Rent-A-Girlfriend Episode 12: All you need to know

Rent-A-Girlfriend is not one of your typical high school rom-com. It comes along with a unique yet uncomplicated storyline and offers nothing but entertainment. The anime offers light-hearted themes, good humor, and pretty interesting characters. The character-driven series ensures that you don’t have to put any kind of intellectual investment. Of course, it might not interest everybody. But, when your aim is to relax a bit and watch something light, this anime fits the bill.

The story revolves around Kazuya Kinoshita. Mami Nanami, his ex, dumps him after dating for a month. In order to cure his depression, he decides to use an online app to rent a girlfriend. Rent-A-Girlfriend has successfully managed to keep its audience hooked up till now. With a total of 11 episodes released, the anime gets better with every episode. Be it with its writing, comedy, or characters.

Source: Crunchyroll

With all said, let’s talk about the release date of Episode 12. And, while you’re at it, also go through the quick recap of episode 11. We’ve also mentioned the streaming platform for watching the anime.

When will Rent-A-Girlfriend Episode 12 release?

Episode 12 is scheduled to release on Saturday, 26 September 2020, at 1:25, AM JST. The Episode is titled “Confession and Girlfriend“. Note that, the latest episode of the Rent-A-Girlfriend anime airs every Saturday.

With that, also watch Episode 12 preview here.


Quick Recap of Episode 11

Sumi introduces herself by explaining her daily routine. At the station, Kazuya meets Sumi. As they are walking, Mami spots them. Kazuya sees for himself just how shy Sumi truly is. When he questions why she is a rental girlfriend, she uses hand signals to reveal her answer. Sumi thanks Kazuya after he stopped her from getting harassed. It is then revealed that Mami was watching them.

When Kazuya returns from the bathroom, he sees that Mami is sitting at their table. While they are alone, Mami tells him that he is a more of a ladies’ man than she thought. Once the date is over, Kazuya praises Sumi. At her house, a jealous Mami finds out that Sumi is a rental girlfriend. Sometime later, Kazuya is hanging out with his friends when he spots Chizuru. That night, Kazuya and Chizuru have a conversation on the balcony where she thanks him for helping Sumi. She then reveals that she landed a role in a play. The next day, Chizuru is waiting for her client when Mami shows up.

Source: Crunchyroll

Where can I watch Rent-A-Girlfriend?

You can watch episode 12 as well as all the previous episode on Crunchyroll. We recommend you to always use the official platform as it helps the creator and also promotes his work.

Rent-A-Girlfriend Plot

Kazuya Kinoshita is dumped by his girlfriend, Mami Nanami. He then decides to use an online app to rent a girlfriend named Chizuru Mizuhara. She a beautiful and attractive girl. However, because she appears to be too perfect, he gives her a low rating. When Chizuru berates him for that, he realizes she is meaner than he expected. However, when Kazuya’s grandmother collapses in the hospital, he brings her along and his grandmother is smitten with how great she is. Kazuya continues renting Chizuru in order to keep up appearances with his family and friends. but things get complicated when they discover they are next-door apartment neighbors and attend the same college. Later, other girls from the girlfriend business also join in dating and showing interest in Kazuya.

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