Rent A Girlfriend To Feature “Centimeter” By The Peggies!

Rent A Girlfriend anime will feature “Centimeter” sung by the all-female trio ‘The Peggies’. ‘Centimeter’ is the trio’s sixth single and it got recently released on August 26. The title track will be the opening theme for the ongoing Rent-A-Girlfriend manga’s television adaptation. The anime is titled ‘Kanojo, Okarishimasu’ in Japanese.

Rent A Girlfriend: Special Edition!

Watch the “Centimeter” song’s video below!

Centimeter has got many views and is the band’s one of the most songs. It is kind of a rock-upbeat song. Opposite to it is the mellow b-side Hanabi (花火). This song’s music video just got released. The song’s lyrics depict heartbreak and reminiscence on better days spent with a loved one.

Watch the “b-side Hanabi (花火)” song’s video below!

The all-girl band’s tracks are available in the digital and physical versions. Also, it is available for the band’s fourth single Kimi no Sei. Additionally, the anime’s limited edition will include mangaka Reiji Miyajima’s original illustrations with it.

Reiji Miyajima is the Rent-A-Girlfriend manga’s original writer and illustrator. Additionally, this special edition will have a DVD. This DVD is without the credits scenes and contains anime openings all encapsulated in a tall size digipak.

Rent A Girlfriend
Source: Crunchyroll

Who are ‘The Peggies’?

The Peggies (Japanese: ザ・ペギーズ) well known all-girl Japanese rock band. The band originally is from Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan. The band came into action in 2011. Poppo Express and Epic Records Japan are currently affiliated with the band and working on new titles. Their affiliation office is named MOVING ON.

The Peggies
Source: Twitter

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The three-band member includes Yuuho Kitazawa, Makiko Ishiwata, and Miku Onuki. Yuuho Kitazawa is the band’s main vocalist. She also plays guitar and in charge of songwriting. Additionally, she handles songs’ composition and arrangement.

Makiko Ishiwat is the band’s bassist. She has also known by her another name, “Megamakiko”. Miku Onuki is the band’s drummer. She has also known by her another name, “Minimiku”.

To date, the all-girls trio has released a total of 6 singles. “Centimeter” is their latest single. You can watch the song’s video above. They released their first single in October 2016 and in four years, have come out with another 5.

Featuring in a popular anime like Rent-a-Girlfriend is going to help them acquire more fans. This will expose their work to a wider audience which in turn will help in shaping their career.

We will bring you more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!






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