Resident Evil Movie Director Won’t Rule Out Franchise Return

Is it true that Resident Evil Movie Director Won’t Rule Out Franchise Return?

Is the Resident Evil Director, Paul W. S. Anderson busy with other projects? Well, I know, after reading this line, there will be great number of commotions and thoughts taking shape in your mind. Therefore, to get the complete details about this topic, let’s get onto this matter.

Paul W. S. Anderson, is one of the finest director in the Hollywood Industry. He has spend more than his seven years career in this very field and now the news that is haunting everyone is his back step from the Resident Evil Franchise.

Paul W. S. Anderson has already written and directed the six consecutive Resident Evil Chapters and now when the seventh part is making its shape then he has passed the statements that would seem like he is busy with other projects and he would return back to the franchise only if the upcoming Resident Evil will become the blockbuster sensation in the Hollywood Industry.

What is the reason behind the backstep taken by the Resident Evil Franchise Director, Paul W. S. Anderson?

There might be several reasons that would have compelled Paul Anderson for taking the decision to wind off from the Resident Evil Franchise, but the two most main reasons stands as :

1. After having about more than several long years in this industry, now Paul Anderson wants to go for something new and innovative rather than spending his entire life in the Resident Evil Franchise Projects.

2. The Resident Evil Franchise Video Game served to be one of the most played Video Game due to its great exciting features. After the introduction of Resident Evil game, it was noticed that the movie Resident Evil is not as superior as that of its son named.

Is there any possibility for the return of Paul Anderson?

Yes, According to the sources, if the upcoming series of Resident Evil gets to make ggo profile margin then Paul would think for his return to the Resident Evil Franchise.

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