Revenge sequel canceled by ABC

When will the series of bad news end? This news is over my head now, The Latest addition to the list of bad news is cancelation of Revenge Reboot. Fans were excited and anxious about the sequel but this news shattered it all.

An Eye for Eye and Blood for Blood ( Image: World of Entertainment)

How did Kelley get Inspired for Revenge?

It is an American TV show created by Mike Kelley. The show starred Madeleina Stowe and Emily Van Camp which was first aired in 2011 on ABC network. Mike Kelley got the inspiration and motivation for the show from 1844 based novel The Count of Monte Cristo which is written by Alexandre Cristo. The novel talked about a young traumatized and emotionally broken girl. The girl who sets to punish and gain vengeance from the ones who did wrong to her as well as her family.

ABC had previously announced to get back the thriller drama with a new story and a similar cast. However, that was canceled by them. The 2011-2015 aired show’s main cast were Nick Wechsler, Madeleina Stowe, and Gabriel Mann.

Inspiration for Revenge ( Image: Moviehole)

The Plot

Even though it is a recreation of a novel still it has some different plot. Anyway, the plot of Kelley focuses on a young girl who immigrated to Malibu, California. She travels to California in order to gain her vengeance against a pharmaceutical company that destroyed her childhood and family. Even they were the cause of her mother’s death, who was a biochemist. Apart from this they even caused the epidemic in the country.

Who was the producer of Revenge?

Revenge Reboot was set to be produced by Mike Kelly, the creator of the original Revenge. Apart from Kelley, Joe Fazzio was also in favor of the return of the show as a reprise. Joe wrote and produced initial episodes of the show.

Fans were anxious and excited about the reprised version of Revenge as reportedly the new lead was going to be mentored by Gabriel Mann’s Nolan. However, now it’s of no value.

Revenge is not the solution. (Image: TVF-Trailers)


A total of 4 seasons of Revenge were aired. The show focused on the life of a young Latina Amanda Clarke who came to her childhood beach house but with a fake identity. She was there to carry out her revenge against the Grayson family who made false accusations against her father and killed him in prison.

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