Rian Johnson: Why Is His Twitter Account Deactivated?

The Twitter account of Rian Johnson got deactivated, and he is now using the Knives Out account now. The fans of the movie got a kick from the Knives Out’s Twitter handle this week. It won’t be wrong to say that this is a hard time for the cybersecurity Rian Johnson was not the only one whose Twitter account was hacked.

The list includes other big names like Apple, Barack Obama, Kanye West, Joe Biden, and plenty of other accounts were also hacked. To analyse and solve the situation fast, Twitter locked down all the verified accounts on the platform for about an hour.

The users that were not verified celebrated the departure of all the blue ticks from the platform as they are now all equal.

Rian Johnson
Image Source – Collider

Well, Rian ended up losing the access to his account and figured out soon the clever loophole. The officials are trying to find out what actually went wrong with his account and we can hope that he will be back with his main account soon.

Rian Johnson about his next instalment

Rian Johnson revealed that there is more fun to come and he talked about the Vision that he carries with him in his next instalment. He also said that he don’t really think in terms of universes, or in terms related to creating worlds.

This is not interesting for him, and he explained that the only thing which interests him is the story. These talks and discussions about galaxies, worlds, universes, doesn’t excite him.

The only thing that matters to him is the two-hour-long story that will keep entertaining the audience. He continued by adding that he is excited about creating an experience for the audience in the theatres, and to engage them with the story of the movie.

Rian Johnson
Image Source – Empire

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