Richard Schiff From Good Doctor Tests COVID-19 Positive! Shares His “Tough” Experience

The star of The Good Doctor of ABC, Richard Schiff, and his wife, actress Sheila Kelley, who is recurring on the medical drama of ABC, have been recently tested positive for the coronavirus, and the two have revealed on social media on Tuesday.

As COVID-19 cases continue to spike across the nation, Richard, the Primetime Emmy-winning actor, has recently joined the rapidly growing list of the famous faces to come down with the widespread virus.

Richard Schiff and Sheila Kelley
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The West Wing actor is 65 years old, and he shared this information via a tweet that he shared on Tuesday that he and his 59 years old wife, Sheila Kelley, are sick and has been tested with COVID-19.

Richard Schiff said that the result of him being tested positive for the coronavirus came a week ago on November 3. Sheila Kelly wrote on the social media platform that they are quarantined in their home in Vancouver, recovering.

Richard Schiff From Good Doctor Tests COVID-19 Positive | Sheila Kelley Also Tested Positive

The production on The Good Doctor in Vancouver has continued according to some of the sources while Schiff and Kelly are in self-isolation, with the filming schedule reworked to accommodate the temporary absence of the couple.

According to the source, the duo are believed to have contracted the virus outside of their work, and on-set coronavirus transmission automatically triggers a production shutdown.

Both Kelley and Schiff spoke of the toll fighting coronavirus is taking on them. Kelley wrote that this virus is a slippery sucker, one minute, you feel almost fine, and the next minute, you can not catch your breath. The symptoms of the virus change radically daily, even they change hourly.

Both of them encouraging messages to others who are battling the virus that this is tough. Richard Schiff plays the role of Dr. Aaron Glassman on The Good Doctor, the mentor and good friend to Shaun, whose role is played by Freddie Highmore. Kelley plays the role of the wife of Aaron Glassman.

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Richard Schiff and Sheila Kelley
Image Source – People

He said in his tweet that he was tested positive for coronavirus on the day of the Election, and this has been the most bizarre week of their lives. In his tweet, he added that they are determined to find a way to health again.

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They root for everyone out there who is struggling with the virus.

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