Rick & Morty Promo: What’s New About Jessica? Some Changes Hinted

The fifth season of Rick & Morty promises the fans that they will do justice with the problematic character of the show, Jessica. Well, this is what is promised by the promo of the fifth season, but is it going to be enough for the fans of the series? Read the full article to know more about the fixing of a problematic character and the changes that are hinted in the promo. The series debuted in the year 2013, and since then, the sci-fi comedy series, Rick & Morty has managed to gather a huge fan base.

Rick & Morty
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The show is balanced with appraisals and criticisms at the same time. It is as beloved as much it is criticised. We can not neglect the fact that the series does play down its female characters. Let’s take an example of important figures such as the mother of Beth, and she has never been shown on screen. Possibly, the creators of the show may have got to know that there is a problem in their creation and the fans of the series were able to notice it.

Rick & Morty | Jessica will be getting justice in the fifth season.

We can see in the promo of the fifth season that the creators of the show has teased us that Jessica, the often-seen but barely-heard-from love interest of Morty, will be gaining some of her space on the show. She has always been a problematic character in the show, and mostly used as a two-dimensional character, which is used only to set up jokes that are humiliating for Morty, as you may be aware that he attempts schemes of all manners to win her attention.

Rick & Morty
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While the crush of Morty never misses to make him a punchline of these jokes, there is undoubtedly a sexist undertone to a show which has very few primary female characters making use of the recurring cast as a setup for jokes. Rather than this, the focus should be on defining the characteristics of her own, as Jessica has always been an important player in the show.

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We have seen enough of Jessica to be just an object of affection of Morty. Even after four seasons, the character of Jessica has not got some acting of her own, although she makes her appearance onscreen regularly. Let’s see whether the creators of the show stay true to the sneak peek and give Jessica an actual character development in the fifth season of Rick & Morty.

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