After The Ring 2, the third and last installment of the franchise, Rings, released. Rings revolve around the back-story of Samara’s mother, Evelyn, and the rebirth of Samara. Continuing our series of recaps of The Ring’s American franchise, here we have the last one, Rings. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Plot Summary of Rings

The film revolves around a high school graduate, Julia, and her boyfriend, Holt. Holt’s college professor, Gabriel Brown, buys a VCR, discovering a videotape inside. Which you can expect is none other than Samara’s cursed videotape.

Things start to get tense-up between the duo, when Holt ghosts Julia. Later she visits Holt to his college, only to discover a group of people known as The Seven, through Gabriel. Skye asks Julia to come with her to her apartment. There she urges Julia to watch the tape, but Holt warns her. Then Julia locks herself up in the bathroom while Samara killed Skye.


Julia’s copy of the tape cannot be copied and also had some other images.
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Later, Holt revealed that he, too, watched the tape and now has only 12 hours. To save Holt, Julia watches his copy of the tape. When the phone rang, she gets a vision of an anonymous door and also burned her hand with a mark in it.

The couple realized that Julia’s version of tape could not be copied, and it somehow has some additional images. They soon realize that they must find Samara’s remains and cremate it, to save Julia’s life and stop this curse forever.

Did She Succeeded in Finding Samara’s Body?

During their search for Samara’s tomb, they learn that a priest, namely, Galen Burke, rapes Evelyn, Samara’s mother, and impregnated her. She also conceived Samara in her captivity but managed to escape when she was eight months.



Burke blinded himself to escape the reach of Samara’s powers.
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Years after his daughter’s death (events explained in The Ring and The Ring 2), Burke sealed Samara’s remains in a wall of his house after Rachel and Noah buried her body (the events of the first film). As soon as they find Burke, they realize that he blinded himself to escape the reach of Samara’s powers.

He then attacks her, but a swarm of cicadas fly in, that allows Samara to come through Julia’s phone. She cures Burke’s blindness and kills him. They then find Samara’s corpse inside the wall and cremate it.

Is This the End of Samara’s Curse?


Julia is the REBIRTH of Samara Morgan.
Image: IMDb

After cremating Samara remains, the couple head back home. While taking a shower, Julia peels away the burned skin, revealing grey skin underneath. She suddenly starts to cough a long thick strand of black hair, having a cicada in the end.

Meanwhile, Holt notices a voicemail from Gabriel, telling him that the mark on Julia’s is in Braille, which, when decoded, turns out to be ‘Rebirth.’ In the bathroom, Julia sees Samara’s face instead of hers in the mirror. As the movie ends, Julia’s copy of the cursed video is sent to everyone, making it go viral. Now, Samara lives in Julia. Julia is the rebirth of Samara.