Rogue Warfare 2: The Hunt: The Ending

Rogue Warfare‘ is an action-drama trilogy movie series. This is the first movie trilogy to be shot congruently in 45 days approximately. Read on to know the second part ‘Rogue warfare 2: The Hunt’ movie’s ending better.

Rogue Warfare: The Hunt: Plot

An adroit team of military heroes from all over the world assembles to take down a new terrorist. The movie is full of action-pack sequences along with its storyline. The teamwork ultimately saves the elite team of soldiers in this war film.

The story starts with the introduction of a deadly terrorist organization. The leader of this group called ‘Black Masks‘ intends to threaten world security and peace.

The soldiers who form the core security council work on multiple missions against these Black Masks’ evil intentions. Sadly, one of the soldiers Daniel gets captured while helping his team escape. The soldiers, however, focus on their mission rather than going for Daniel’s rescue. They successfully manage to scatter the villains and deactivate a dirty bomb planted in the village.

The Ending Explained

At the end of the movie, the soldiers do not manage to eliminate the leader of the Black Masks. The supervillain which is the leader of the Black Masks is still free and trouble causing. This hints at another sequel and its plot.

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However, the soldiers are expected to give their best efforts to Daniel’s rescue. On the other hand, the leader’s grand plan had been thwarted, and he’ll look for revenge against the team.

The ending scenes of ‘Rogue Warfare’ shows Daniel, being tortured while imprisoned by the villain gang. The soldiers decide to take immediate action before its too late to save Daniel. Their commander gives his approval saying they are already rogue, and so they can take on the mission with no holds barred.

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Daniel warns the leader of the Black Masks, that his team will surely come and get him. However, the leader feels confident to defeat the soldiers. Thus, the ending of Rogue Warfare sets up a nice premise for its sequel with a great deal of anticipation for more war sequences.

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