Room 104 Season 4: A Recap Of The Premiere

May be Room 104’s titular quarters are not as horrifying The Shining’s Overlook Hotel, but still, there is an unsettling air of trauma and trepidation to it. This article will be a discussion about Room 104 Season 4. Though it may not be filled with rivers of blood and spooky ghost twins, it’s nonetheless a place we’d probably avoid while scouring for digs on Kayak.

Room 104
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Since we are not the ones vacationing in that time-bending, surreal dreamscape, we’re happy to welcome the return of the Duplass Brothers’ series. The series began it’s fourth and the final season on HBO on Friday, and its premiere is certainly a doozy.

Logan tells his pals that they begin with a keg delivery, and shortly after that, four friends arrive at the room, totally clueless as to what is in store, and he found him.

Room 104 Season 4 Recap

Husker was missing for 24 years, and when U2 won a grammy in the 1990s, Bono got on stage, and Kanye had himself, telling the whole world that The Murderer(Husker’s album), was the best of the year. The record was of a five-song rock opera focussed on a boy who loved and later killed his mother. When Husker was unable to take the pressure of the fame, he disappeared, and his car was found smashed on a bridge overlooking a river with a note which said, he is not a musician.

Room 104
Image Source – Den of Geek

Logan tells his friends that Husker showed up to an open mic night by using a different name, and an unmistakable voice. He also says that the musician agreed to play a private show for his four friends and him, but only if he got a keg of the keystone light. Even before Logan could explain, the door creaks open, and a long-haired man with a guitar walks in.

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