Run is a 2020 American mystery/psychological thriller film directed by Aneesh Chaganty .Chaganty and Sev Ohanian have written the film. The film stars Kiera Allen as a homeschooled teenager who starts doubting her mother (Sarah Paulson) that she is keeping a dark secret from her.

Hulu released Run digitally on 20 November, 2020 . Lionsgate Films released it theatrically in other territories. It gathered positive reviews from critics and became Hulu’s most successful original film upon its release.


Run Becomes Most-Talked Film:

Run has broken records with strong reviews and an even more-watched streaming premiere on Hulu. The film also turned out to be the most discussed-about Hulu Original to date on Twitter, according to Deadline.

Additionally, Run has defeated out not only other Hulu Original Films, but also all the service’s licensed films, making it a champion on the service for now. Unfortunately, Hulu doesn’t provide exact numbers, so we can’t mention exactly how many millions of people likely watched the movie

Run: Ending Explained

Run is a rare thriller that maintains the suspense upto the last scene. Once the credits crawl on Hulu’s biggest hit to date, the movie has puzzled us and landed us into an odd corner. The inner voices by the Run ending might have been like: ‘Wait… no, that’s not how I wanted it to go?’ Hence, here we are. Let’s dive deeper into the wild twists at the end of Sarah Paulson’s recent remarkable role about his spine-chilling ‘mother and daughter’ movie.

Prior to that, first ask yourself if you have watched it. Is your answer a NO?. Then wait for nothing and head on over to Hulu to experience this mind-boggling story.

Now that we only have the ones who have watched it, let’s move on to the explanation of the ending.


Kiera Allen in Run as Chloe Sherman. Image:

What Happened At The End ?

It all started with a simple suspicion of a homeschooling teen on her caregiver mother regarding a new supplement she’s giving her. However, the suspicion took a wild turn into the discovery of a lifelong lie the daughter finds out her mother had made. The first hint Kiera Allen’s Chloe finds is that a green pill her mom is giving her, that her mom (Sarah Paulson) has ordered under her name and hidden is actually a dog muscle relaxant which can cause paralysis to humans. After Chloe’s discovery, Diane locks her daughter in her room with a gardening tool. Chloe finds a way to sneak out of the house, but after having to kill one poor mailman, she ends in the basement of her home chained up.

Eventually, Chloe gets to know that she is not the biological daughter of Diane. Diane lost her own child after giving birth prematurely and kidnapped Chloe, who was a healthy baby, from the hospital. As it’s clear from a photo from Chloe’s childhood, she was capable of walking on her own as a kid. Therefore, the reason behind the disabilities and medical conditions she was living with daily was her mother. Along with being wheelchair-bound, her condition includes clearing her throat each morning and applying lotion to rashes she has all over. In a last effort to save herself from ‘her dearest mother’ , Chloe consumes a toxic chemical forcing Diane to take her to the hospital.


Sarah Paulson as Diane Sherman in Hulu Run ending. Image :

Run Takes Wild Twists:

Although it all cuts very close, Chloe’s plan at the hospital works. While Diane tries to flee with her daughter back to their isolated home, hospital police surrounds her, shots her and she falls down a flight of stairs at the scene. Run then takes a leap of seven years. The next scene brings us to the Belfair Corrections Center For Women. Chloe still uses a wheelchair, but is able to walk a little bit with a cane for the security check. Looking at the wedding ring on her left hand we can figure out that Chloe has gotten married. Seems she has been working with a trainer to improve her walking capabilities.

She visits her bed-ridden mom and tells her about her child who is currently learning to walk. She hints the audience that she also knows her own biological parents. Perhaps she got to go to the University of Washington after all, works with kids and overall has a happy life. However, she’s somehow still here visiting her lifetime abuser and calling her mom. She has a bunch of pills hidden in her mouth. She tells Diane she loves her and to “open wide” just before the curtains draw. Uh… what? Chloe, sweetie, just move on with your life!

It’s a twisted ending. The ending shows revenge long after the events of the film. Chloe hasn’t moved on yet. She is still sticking there emotionally anyway. She visits her once every month to punish her outside their isolated world she created. Chloe gives her the same muscle relaxants that still plagues her life today.

Sarah Paulson as Diane Sherman in correctional facility Run ending

Why The Ending For Run Is Actually Apt

Run is low-key a splendid example of the age-old psychology debate, nature vs. nurture. Despite of not being biologically related to Diane Sherman, Chloe spent her whole life with her. Thus no discovery about her reality could change a lifetime of learning and psychological and physical damage. Chloe grew up in a possessive household and therefore her turning the tables on her mom looks much sensible. Not to mention how it was strangely an act of love to Diane, since it was how she thought she was doing the best for her daughter, in her own deadly way.


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As per University of Michigan, what Diane did to Chloe is a real mental health problem and form of abuse called Munchausen Syndrome by proxy that makes a caregiver lie about one’s symptoms. It includes changing test results to make them appear ill and physically harming them to produce symptoms. It played out to Gypsy Rose Blanchard by her mother Dee Dee Blanchard, who made her believe that she could not walk, had cancer and even underwent a series of surgeries as well. Gypsy Rose persuaded her boyfriend to kill her mother after they correctly suspected what her mother had been doing to her since her childhood. The Gypsy Rose story aired with a 2017 HBO true-crime documentary and through the Hulu show with The Act. Not calling Run a true crime story but certainly the story of Run isn’t a script of complete obscurity.

Kiera Allen and Sarah Paulson as the Sherman’s in Run

What Do Sarah Paulson And Kiera Allen Think About The Ending

Now when we have actually concluded what the ending wanted to convey, let’s look onto what the stars of the movie think about how the movie ended things. Collider asked Sarah Paulson if she believes the story would have been different for Diane if she had raised her own daughter. Here’s what the American Horror Story actress had to say:

“Diane was a victim of terrible abuse and neglect by her own mother”. She continues, “but I think in a somewhat twisted but initially valiant and probably somewhat pure effort to do the very thing that was never done for her, which was to give the utmost care and attention to her child”.
The actress believes “she just took it to a place where something else took over and it may have accelerated and certainly her need to live in some kind of seclusion and all the secrecy that has to do with her taking a child that was not hers biologically”. However she feels she would not have been so abusive to Chloe , had she been her own child.


Kiera and Sarah comment on Run’s ending. Image:

Seems correct. As we’ve seen, Munchausen Syndrome by proxy does not change with biological or non-biological. That aspect of the story not only helps develop the twists and turns of Run, but also makes Chloe have some form of happy ending. Kiera Allen, who uses wheelchair in her own life also talked about Chloe’s ending with these words:

“I don’t see it as her going to kill her mother at the end, I see it as her doing what her mother’s done to her for so many years. She’s keeping her sick, she’s keeping her as non-threatening”.

She adds it is the result of  “having been traumatized by this person”. Allen believes that Chloe wants to be in touch with her mother and she’s believed “as this being the only way she can feel safe around her mother”. She further says that the only way she can stabilize both their lives is to  “incapacitate her, to make her not a danger anymore”.

Allen also said that she believes that Chloe is accumulating all her trauma into one person in her life, Diane. Also, she feels that’s how Chloe justifies returning the abuse she has received.

What a wild drag! How did you like the movie? Do tell us in the comments section and stay tuned for more such explainers.