Rupaul Drag Race All Stars 5: Who Will Be The Winner?

Hey, ya fellas! Wassup? Hope everyone is safe and sound. And to be that you must remain inside your house and if out must take precautions. With that let’s talk about today’s major event. It is the Rupaul Drag Race All-Star 5 finale. The article talks about the chances of the finalists to be the winner.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars (Image: WOW)
Season 5

Who will win Rupaul’s Drag Race All-Star 5

However, one should honor all the seven contestants of the competition. However, Shea Coulee, Jujubee, and Miz Cracker were always a front runner in this race. As of now, we can’t predict the winner. But Jane Krakowski rightly said, They should give there all for it. Whoever turns the winner doesn’t matter just give it all you got.

Is Winning Everything? (Image: Logo TV)

What does Report Card say?

If we take a look at the report card, we will find Cracker being the winner. As he has won 3 times with, Shea behind with 2 wins and Jujubee being the last. However, if we talk about eliminations both Jujubee and Cracker didn’t go into that zone. However, Shea did slip and was about to fall however balanced her out midway. So, whatever be the calculations all three are evenly matched. Moreover, Cracker said Rupaul Drag Race All-Star finale is only about the winner. As for some, it was for self-respect. And I have earned that. So, let’s see who will win.

Who will be Crowned (Image: Youtube)

Everything About RuPaul Drag Race Season 5

It is an American show created by RuPaul. However, co-producers of the show are Tim Campbell, Steven Corfe, Mandy Salangsang, and Randy Barbato. Moreover, it is directed by Nick Murray. It is aired on Logo TV. Moreover, it a spinoff which is created by WOW. The show focuses on previous players of Rupaul Drag Race to achieve a spot in the Hall of Fame. Currently, it is season 5 underway. Apart from the spot in the Hall of Fame, the winner will also win a cash prize of $100,000.

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