Ryosuke Sakamoto Beats Cancer After 5 Long Years

Cancer is a disease that is spreading very quickly in our world. No cure is available for this disease in the world. It has spread across the globe and in every part of an organization, whether it’s the acting industry or its educational industry, or any other. There are its patients, and one such patient is Ryosuke Sakamoto.

Ryosuke Sakamoto

Ryosuke Sakamoto, born on August 20, 1959, is a Japanese actor who started his career in 1978. Sakamoto is famous for his work in Tejou wo kakero! as “Detective Tachibana” and as “Shirou Gou / Red One” in the Super Sentai series Choudenshi Bioman. Ryosuke has been suffering from Esophageal Cancer for the last five years. But now, he finally came out victorious in his battle against this deadly disease, “Cancer.” During an event in August 2016, Ryosuke announced his illness.

One of Ryosuke Sakamoto’s fellow actors from Chōdenshi Bioman, Michiko Makino, revealed through her blog that Ryosuke has now finally beaten cancer. Makino posted this blog of her on Friday, October 22, 2021. There has been no recurrence from the past five years, Makino said in her blog, to which Ryosuke replied I’m fine. For all the fans of Choudenshi Bioman, this is a happy moment as their favorite red ranger is out of danger.

Ryosuke Sakamoto
Ryosuke Sakamoto
Image: Michiko Makino Blog

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Cancer A Deadly Disease

Not everyone has a piece of luck like Ryosuke Sakamoto, who can defeat cancer. Many actors have lost their lives due to this disease. Like Chadwick Aaron Boseman, famous for his role as Black Panther in Marvel’s movies, died on August 28, 2020, at the age of 43. The reason behind his death was Colon Cancer. Cancer is a disease that is not limited to any-one organ of the body. There are several types of cancer like mouth cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, blood cancer, skin cancer, etc. However, a prominent cure has yet to be discovered.

Cancer can easily be cured if found early.!!!! Be Safe and Be alert.

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