Sacha Dhawan Mental Health: What Message Are We Getting?

Sacha Dhawan is a screen, voice, and stage artist from Greater Manchester. Born on May 1, 1984, the English stage artist is best known for his work in, ‘The History Boys’ in which he played the role of Akthar.

Sacha Dhawan
Image By- Birmingham Live

Among his other best roles, one is, from his film, Adaptation and the other is Paul Jatri in the BBC One comedy-drama.

Sacha Dhawan was born in Bramhall, Stockport. Obviously, from his name, anybody can guess he born to Indian Parents. He got his training from Laine-Johnson theatre school, which is in Manchester, and started acting when he was just twelve-years-old. Higher education of the artist was completed at Aquinas College in Stockport.

What is Yash Gill’s Power Half Hour? What does Sacha Dhawan wants to convey?

Well, the name does not suggest anything, let us tell you what all it is. Yash Gill’s Power Half Hour is a monologue which is written by Nikesh Shukla and delivered by Sacha Dhawan.

The actor has produced this short film himself and collaborated with the writer Nikesh Shukla and the director Milli Bhatia for this project. The exciting thing about this project is that it is developed entirely in the period of lockdown.


In this project, we see Dhawan playing the role of a stand-up comedian who is trying to experiment with his first live stream. It deals with the themes that are less talked and least discussed in the south Asian community.

Mental health is the central aspect of a person’s well being. It is the thing that should be taken care of the most.

Sacha Dhawan
Image By – Radio Times

When asked about the project, Sacha stated that being a person who suffered mental health issues, he can’t be more proud of his work. He decided to open up about his mental health and also thought himself as a source of encouragement for others.

The message that he wants to convey can now be narrowed down in a simple statement. That should be enough for us to get what he wants to say.

It’s alright to talk about Mental Health, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, its standard, but should be well discussed.

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