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Safety Not Guaranteed: Movie’s Ending Simplified

‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ is a 2012 American romantic comedy film. It was directed by Colin Trevorrow. The film received favorable reviews and was termed to be ‘one of the most influential films of the decade‘. Read on as we break down the movie and its ending for you.

Safety Not Guaranteed: Synopsis

The movie ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ is a feel-good romantic comedy movie with the essence of time travel to make things interesting. Darius is a college graduate working as an intern at a Seattle based magazine company. One of the company’s writers Jeff is eager to make a team and investigate a man who publishes an article looking for a time travel partner. The man who publishes the add is Kenneth. Jeff and Darius are accompanied by Arnau, another intern at the company. As the movie proceeds, Darius gets attached to Kenneth and realizes his true motives.


Safety Not Guaranteed: Ending Explained

Here we look briefly at the journey of all the four characters in the movie ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’. Jeff wants to meet his love interest from teen days assuming she would still be pretty. But, when she rejects him he learns the lesson to live in the present and not dwell in the past. Arnau always escapes life’s difficulties and hides behind the laptop screen. Jeff makes Arnau realize to come out of this fantasy world and do real-time work in present to achieve heights.

Darius and Kenneth’s part is much more complicated. Towards the end, Kenneth states to do time travel to bring back his dead girlfriend, Belinda. However, Darius confronts him after she finds out that Belinda is alive. She asserts that Kenneth was the one who rammed his car into her house being jealous of her another boyfriend. After the confrontation, Kenneth tells Darius that he had time traveled before, and that’s why Belinda is alive.

At first, Darius does not believe him, but she finds out that the time machine really exists. Jeff and Arnau watch the time machine from a distance while Darius agrees to go in it along with Kenneth. They both vanish and disappear into thin air. The ambiguous ending of ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’, is left for the users for interpreting Darius and Kenneth’s relationship in the future.

Did Kenneth Travel back in Time before?

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Joining the dots and believing both Kenneth and Belinda’s part to be true, we come to the following assumption about ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’. Kenneth did travel back in time in 2001 and made Belinda alive. Also, he rammed his own car into her house to save her from another driver. Hence, Belinda is alive now but she doesn’t love him anymore. So to gain her love back he planned this time travel and stated the ad which clearly stated that he has only once done it before!

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Now, as per the ending of ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ Kenneth might just accept that how much ever he tries, the past can not be changed. It’s better for him to live in the present and take this time travel just as an adventure with Darius.

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