Sanditon Season 2: Will It Get Renewed?

Hey, Ya fellas! Hope all are fine safe. I have a question for you all. What you prefer a book or series? So, what about a series which is a makeover of a book named Sanditon. The second season of the series is anticipated to release soon. Andrew Davies has converted the novel into series.

As of now, only one season of the show has released till now. It was released on 25th August 2019 on the ITV network.

Change in order to move on (Image: The Buzz Paper)

The Journey Till Now.

Previously, it was aired in the UK, and later, it was aired again on PBS in the US in January 2020. Moreover, Netflix owns the right of the series. However, the Sanditon holds the feel and flavor of the novel is still intact. But, unfortunately, the story was left incomplete as the author died in 1817. The novel was written by Austen.

Sanditon: The Plot

Sanditon is the story of Charlotte Heywood, settles in Sanditon in order to forget her past. It is a city in the sea-side. Moreover, Charlotte is a happy-go-lucky girl who is very interested in the whereabouts of the town. While being in the town she realizes about various citizens of the town. These people are very selfish which could harm the town in the future.

Sanditon:: City on Seaside (Image: Newsweek)

Sanditon Renewed for Season 3?

It hasn’t been renewed for any new season. Moreover, there hasn’t been an official statement regarding the same. Since 2019, there isn’t any word or update regarding the same. However, the series didn’t garner much love from its viewers even though it very popular. Moreover, as per Austen’s closed ones, he always gave a happy ending to his stories. Apart from this, there was much physicality and nudity in the series which was opposed by the original script.

Can Distance make live fade away? (Image: Vulture)

However, it is very much possible that Sanditon getting renewed in the future. But, currently there any official statement regarding the same. We are trying and keeping an eye on the updates of the same. Stay tuned for other updates.

Also, what do you will the series get renewed?

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