Santa Clarita Season 4: Maker Expresses Desire To Make A New Season! Is It Happening?

The creator of the beloved comedy of the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix, titled Santa Clarita Diet, Victor Fresco, has expressed his interest in making Santa Clarita Season 4.

He has opened up his desire to make the fourth season of the comedy series. Santa Clarita Diet made its debut on the streaming giant in the year 2017, where it was met with a very warm reception from the audience as well as the critics.

Throughout its three-season run, it remained revered, receiving even more favorable reviews from critics with each new season. However, after the shocking cliffhanger of the third season of the series, it was ultimately canceled by Netflix, which naturally left the fans of the series heartbroken.

Santa Clarita Season 4
Image Source – Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet focuses mainly on a married couple named Joel and Sheila, who are real estate agents in Santa Clarita, California. However, when Sheila dies unexpectedly, their lives take a twisted turn when she slowly becomes a zombie that craves human flesh.

Santa Clarita Season 4 | Maker Expresses Desire To Make A New Season

The series starred Drew Barrymore, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Timothy Olyphant, Liv Hewson, Skyler Gisondo, Natalie Morales, Jonathan Slavin, Richard T. Jones, and Nathan Fillion.

While some people do believe that the series actually had a perfect ending, the creator of the series, Victor Fresco, would like to do a fourth season of the show to continue the story of Joel and Sheila.

Victor Fresco expressed his interest in making a return to work on the series in a new interview with lad bible. When he was asked if he would return for the fourth season on Netflix, he stated that it is something he thinks they all wound want to do if everyone was available. 

He continued and said that emotionally, everyone on the show would love to do some kind of closure. They thought that it would be fun to do a season with Sheila and Joel in the same boat, what that would look like. He feels like this would be better for them and better for their fans too. 

Santa Clarita Season 4
Image Source – Netflix

In addition to exploring the new dynamic of Joel and Sheila, Fresco also revealed that it would also delve further into the relationship between Eric and Abby.

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While fans continue to wait and see if Netflix will give them what they want, they can revisit all three fantastic seasons of Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix in the meantime.

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