Saved By The Bell: Dexter Darden Share What’s New This Time! Interesting Insights

Dexter Darden is the newest star in Bayside High, and the star exclusively revealed about joining the Saved By The Bell universe, staying close with his Maze Runner family, his character, and more. He stars as Devante in the series who is one of the new Bayside kids we are going to get to know in the revival of the series which is going to be premiered on November 25 on Peacock.

While the revival of the series will be featuring familiar faces like Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez, Dexter has revealed recently in an interview that the new show is going to be very different from the original series. However, the show will be paying homage to the original.

A Still from Saved By The Bell
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The very talented actor also opened up about playing the role of the late John Lewis in the film titled, Son of the South, and what it meant to him to have John Lewis cosign on him getting the role. Dexter remains close with the members of the cast of Maze Runner, and he has revealed recently how they have been there for him during the modern civil rights movement.

Saved By The Bell | Dexter Darden on What is New This Time.

It’s very different. We have a lot of the originals back. Mario’s back, Elizabeth’s back, and there are a couple of other guest stars everybody will be really, really happy to see on the show. But based on right now with the current nature of our world, it can’t be the same school as it was in the early 90s, late 80s.

The world was very different in terms of how things were operating in terms of fashion, so Bayside is offering that aspect of life with fashion, but with a newer twist. With everything being the way that it is right now in the culture and the current climate of our country, it’s important that we touch on certain issues that tend to be avoided by most. Saved by the Bell’s really doing that, and we’re also a single-camera show.

A Still from Saved By The Bell
Image Source – Republic World

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The original was multi-cam for the live audience to get the laughs. We don’t have that. Our showrunner Tracey Wigfield, who did 30 Rock and Champions, she’s done so many different single-cam comedy shows. She comes from that Tina Fey umbrella to the point where the humor is a little bit more subtle. It’s an exciting layer of Bayside.

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