Travis Scott Goes Off Instagram After Criticism Over His Batman Costume On Halloween!

Travis Scott deletes Instagram account after being trolled over Halloween costume!

American rapper, singer, and songwriter Jacques Berman Webster II, deleted his Instagram after being trolled. Confused much?? It’s none other than Travis Scott!! Many celebrities ended up posting their Halloween outfits on their social media account, and Scott didn’t pull back. Scott donned up as DC’s Dark Knight, Batman for Halloween, to receive criticism from the followers. Scott deleted his account on November 1st. The rapper had 34 million followers on Instagram. 

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner (Source: GettyImages)

Travis shared a short video he shot going to his Batmobile like the iconic Bruce Wayne character. Trolls saved him no mercy!! “Man dressed up as Count Chocula,” said one user. Another claimed, “The costume is not even the cringiest thing in the photo.”

More about the picture

Scott’s photo featured him in a Michael Keaton-inspired Batman suit, along with his brown vehicle. The attire matched the original to utter perfection, but it is the color that caught the fans’ eyes. The suit’s brown hue raised so many trolls to comment things like the rapper looked like a cockroach and much more. His admirers have other speculations regarding him deactivating his account. Scott released his latest single last month, “Franchise(Remix),” and fans think that he deleted his performance in an attempt to plot for his upcoming music.

A Twitter user named @EatMyAsuka reposted Scott’s Batman photo. Check it out here:


Scott always in the headlines

This event is not the only one Scott has been part of this year. In April, he held an in-game virtual concert in Fortnite, which the gamers and fans praised for its production value and attention to detail. Over the summer, his song featured in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, which Nolan claims to be significant to the events of the movie. Not to forget the McDonald’s obsession!! Scott is one of the first celebrities to launch a collaboration with the famous burger chain, inspiring his fans to order his go-to “Cactus Jack” meal. The list doesn’t end here. The artist also signed as an official creative partner of PlayStation and helped the company promote their latest product, the PS5 console.

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Travis’ concert in Fortnite

We cannot miss the fact that his relationship with the very famous Kylie Jenner gives him an edge over other artists. Kanye is one such rapper because of association with Kim K!!

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